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The (floating) Free Planet Institute for Creativity, Passion and Kinship

Posted on the 25 October 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
The (floating) Free Planet Institute for Creativity, Passion and Kinship
I've never started or run or financed a charity before but I'm very seriously considering starting up
The Free Planet Institute for Creativity, Passion and Kinship
so that the message of personal liberty and collective responsibility can start to flourish on this corporate-prison planet. From birth to death, seven billion humans give permission for themselves to be enslaved by the corporate mechanisms of debt and profit.
The privilege of incorporation was granted selectively to enable activities that benefited the public, such as construction of roads or canals. Corporations were forbidden from attempting to influence elections, public policy, and other realms of civic society. [source RECLAIM DEMOCRACY]
The real problem with this is (of course) Corporate Personhood, that now entraps individuals within their born state or country, while the corporation itself is a global spiderweb that spans all borders, completely free to trade as it wishes, exploiting the ruined nations' people to trim its bottom line and boost PROFIT for its greedy shareholders. It's a system that's riddled with industrial espionage and just generally very earth negative and malevolent.
So, I guess this is a public call for help. To get off the ground,
The Free Planet Institute for Creativity, Passion and Kinship
needs to attract people who've run charitable institutions before, who know how to fund-raise and are willing to get in volved in the day-to-day management of a venture that educates the general public about their rights as free humans and their responsibilities to the planet upon which they live.
"Do right by free planet," is the house motto.
The formation and running of this institute should most likely involve the design and creation (as in the image above) of an iconic architectural center that will bring together all the patent-freed planet-friendly alternative engineering, materials and energy creation techniques that will eventually bring this planet from the brink of slow, corporate murder and allow free exchange between the seven billion people of all Free Planet Diversities.
You can now also join THE FREE PLANET INSTITUTE (for Creativity, Passion & Kinship) group on FACEBOOK where I've been thinking very seriously about having a Mobile Institute using a rigid helium balloon 'rock' like the 'floating rocks' used in the illustration for this post. Bringing the Free Planet Institute directly to You The People. That'd make quite a visual statement across the horizon of our shared future on Free Planet.
So, any ideas?

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