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The First Ten

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
YR posted this notice he saw in a shul
The First Ten
The plan is to encourage people to show up to the minyanim on time so they do not need to wait for a minyan. They are offering to pay anybody who commits to being among the first ten people to show up at the minyanim. If they can do so for 30 days straight, they will each get paid 500nis (that is how I understood it, but perhaps it is 500nis to be divided among all of them). The sign says that 5 spots have already been committed to and only 5 spots remain available.
Not a bad idea, to pay for people to come and make a timely minyan... I just dont get how it will work. If mincha is at 1:30pm, and I show up at 1:20 one day and get there before most other people, have I just hurt one of the ten people who are supposed to be there first for 30 days consecutively?
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