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The Final Word

By Bellezza @bellezzamjs

Yesterday, I had my hand slapped by a blogger on Facebook.

Her post mentioned something about the Declaration of Independence being the law of the land, not the Bible. And if the Bible was law, we might as well move to Iran.

In great offense, I responded that the foundation of our country lies in the words that we are one nation under God, and even our money says in God we trust.

But her response was that those two axioms came in the forties and fifties, in response to the red scare; therefore they are not the foundation of our country at all.

I've been, as my son would say, a little salty ever since.

"Let it go," said my beloved husband, who knows how much I yearn for the final word.

"But I have to stand up for Him!" I cried.

"God is perfectly capable of standing up for Himself," he replied. Which is, of course, true. But if I say nothing, I am not representing what I believe. I am allowing the voice of people who aren't Christian to silence those who are.

These are troubling times, times when it may be easier to scorn Christianity than adhere to it.

But as I sat in church this Maundy Thursday afternoon, I was reminded of how Jesus washed his disciples' feet. He came to serve, not be served. If my faith means anything at all, and to me it means a great deal, I want to care like He cared. I want to obey the words He spoke at the Last Supper:

"So I give you a new command: Love each other deeply and fully. Remember the ways that I have loved you, and demonstrate your love for others in those same ways. Everyone will know you as My followers if you demonstrate your love to others." ~John 13: 34-35 (The Voice translation)

That's all that really matters.

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