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The Filmaholic Reviews: The Selling (2011)

Posted on the 24 October 2013 by Filmaholic Reviews @FilmaholicRvews
The Filmaholic Reviews: The Selling (2011)
The Lowdown: The Selling is a hysterical indie horror-comedy about the horrors of real estate. Featuring witty dialogue, brilliant horror movie references, and crack comic timing by the actors, The Selling is an unexpected, underrated treat.
1. The Plot: Two bumbling real estate agents, Richard (Gabriel Diani) and Dave (Jonathan Klein) are expected to sell a haunted house, which proves to be incredibly difficult.

The Filmaholic Reviews: The Selling (2011)

It's all right, everyone. The walls bleed all the time. It's not like this house is haunted or anything. 

2. The Characters:    Gabriel Diani is Richard Scarry (pronounced “scary”), a real estate agent who is way too nice and honest for his own good. Basically, he’s a terrible businessman, which makes his job of selling a haunted house even more difficult. His friend and partner, Dave, played by Jonathan Klein, is a goofball, which also doesn’t help matters. Much of the film relies on their straight-faced line delivery and comic interactions, which are executed brilliantly. Really, it’s a lot like a Laurel and Hardy partnership.    Of the many obstacles that Richard and Dave have to face, there is also Mary, a rival real estate agent played by Janet Varney (The Legend of Korra). Mary is pretty much the definition of “bitch”, as she is the one who couldn’t sell the house in the first place and dumped it on Richard and Dave. Of course, with her hot looks and fake smiles, she easily woos the dim-witted Dave, which ultimately drags him and Richard into scary situations. There is also the wacky character of Ginger Sparks, played by Etta Devine. Ginger is a loud and probably clinically-insane “paranormal expert/enthusiast”, although it is never apparent if she actually knows what she is talking about. Barry Bostwick (The Rocky Horror Picture Show) is a priest who attempts an exorcism in the house, with hilarious results. Probably the only sane person in the whole film is Richard’s mother, played by Nancy Lenehan, who is ill, but is awfully spry for her age (see: pot brownies).
3. Horror Movie References: The Selling is a real treat for pretty much anyone who enjoys comedies. It isn’t graphic or disturbing, but it isn’t exactly G-rated. Really, anyone can see it and enjoy it. Heck, one doesn’t even really need to like horror movies to enjoy The Selling. However, the film may be even better for horror aficionados, since they will understand the many hilarious references to other horror films. The setting of the film is basic enough to provide suitable context for a wide variety of gags, which means that the horror movie references don’t fall flat. Some “comedies” throw out references by the handful or parody (i.e. rip off) scenes from other films because they expect the audience to just “get it” and laugh, but humor doesn’t work that way. There has to be context for a joke, and an appropriate set up and payoff. Remaking a scene and then just throwing in fart jokes or people getting hurt is both lame and unfunny.  

The Filmaholic Reviews: The Selling (2011)

F*%! you. 

The Bottom Line: The Selling is a hilarious horror-comedy that delivers sharp, clever, tongue-in-cheek humor without ever trying too hard to do so. Great comic timing and line delivery will have viewers in stitches. Too bad the film is an indie release, which means that it doesn’t have the wide viewership that it deserves. The Sellingis highly recommended to anyone who enjoys a good laugh.
The Selling is property of RedWood Pictures, Diani & Devine Productions, and Ludicrous Productions. This review was written by me.
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