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The Fat Dukes Of Fuck - Honey From the Lips of an Angel

Posted on the 11 October 2012 by Ripplemusic
  Honey from the Lips of an Angel (cd)
I just realized it's been a really long time since I picked a new album totally at random for a Ripple review. Since most promos are sent digitally these days I opened up my email, closed my eyes and waved the cursor around and clicked on a link. The Fat Dukes Of Fuck are the lucky winners of this contest and here are my thoughts on their new album Honey From the Lips of an Angel. The album opens up with a song called "The Mighty Bulge" which features a screaming chorus of "look at my bulge!"
For a band from Las Vegas, they are refreshingly immature. They follow that up with a song called "Sorry About Your Dick" to let you know that they're not going to be laying any intellectual crap on you. Musically these guys are pretty eclectic but keep everything rocking. If members of Clutch and NoMeansNo ever collaborated it might sound something like the Fat Dukes Of Fuck. "Step Aside And Let That Fucker Dance" sounds like Mike Patton ranting on top of a lost ZZ Top song from the 80's. Pretty weird, but good, too.
 I enjoyed all 9 songs on the album but the 7 minute title track was a particular favorite for incorporating some Hawkwind style electronic bleeps and a slow, heavy Fu Manchu influenced groove. The album cover art reflects the music perfectly and is equally immature. Honey From the Lips of an Angel is definitely a "pants optional" type of listening experience.
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