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The Fanatic (2019) Review

Posted on the 05 August 2020 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7
The Fanatic (2019) Review

Moose is a big film fan and ends up stalking his current favourite star Hunter Dunbar, with what at first seemed an innocent way of getting his autograph it doesn't take long to spiral out of control.


The Fanatic is a truly terrible film directed and co-written by Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst, who even manages to self promote in one scene by having his bands song on a car radio. With a Razzie winning (or losing) performance from leading actor John Travolta as worst actor which is actually more than deserved.

The thing is though the actual storyline could have been interesting and a way to really look into how mental health issues impact people in different ways and situations. How being unstable and forming obsessions with actors can end in bad way, but this was not the case with the film.

Some of the lines Travolta was given as Moose were truly horrific and the strange over the top and quite frankly weird performance made it all even worse. Not the best manner at all to take on this type of role. I fully expected the film to be terrible and decided to watch it to see if it lived up to that expectation and it more than did!

I feel I will be forever haunted by the "here's moosey" moment as he runs around the house with the horns. Like seriously what on earth was I watching. I guess I can have one very slight positive (just) was the scene where Hunter was asleep in the chair and Moose was in his house and actually fell asleep next to him was actually very tense. Wondering if he was actually going to way up and see him!

The worst thing is the characters are so badly written and acted that while for a second we might feel sorry for one of them it doesn't last any longer than that. Hunter Dunbar is not a nice person, not saying that he deserved the treatment he ended up with but to begin with there was no reason for him to be so horrible and mean to Moose?

It really does manage to take place on my list of worst films I have ever seen, so maybe it has done something to tick so many boxes for how bad it really is? Especially when it could have really got deeply into how stars feel with fans and vice versa.

Are we allowed to think the link of Devon Sawa playing Stan in the Eminem music video all of those years ago? I know that doesn't really mean too much but he was a pretty obsessed fan in that.

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