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The Famous Deju Vu Album Cover Photo

Posted on the 08 May 2014 by Mikeb302000
The Famous Deju Vu Album Cover Photo

The photo story
The backyard where the Déjà Vu photo was taken The owner of the house further writes to 4WaySite: "My parents somehow got in with the local rock & roll network, as our house was also leased by members of The Grateful Dead, and Dave Mason. Steve Miller lived up the hill from us for a time during the late 70’s. Neil Schon and another Journey band member also lived nearby. My parents bought the property in the early 60’s (c. 1962) as a second home and winter rental property. I can remember my father talking about the lease for the house to CSN. He had a 'NO CROSBY' clause built into the lease preventing David from setting foot on the property. Crosby had a reputation for trashing places and my father wanted to keep the house in tact. Well, as you can see, that clause was ignored. However, all our living room furniture was removed and placed in the open air car port during the time they were there. Needless to say the furniture did not do well in the car port."
Graham Nash: "We tried to look like we thought our ancestors might have looked one hundred years ago". 
After visiting a costume store, they congregated in Crosby's backyard. Each member had been transformed: Crosby into Buffalo Bill Cody (complete with rifle), Stills into a Confederate soldier, Nash into a pipe-smoking worker, Young a cagey gunfighter. Again the owner of the house: "The chest used as a prop in the photo, belongs to us and is still in the house."

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