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The Fall of the Brotherhood

Posted on the 05 July 2013 by Mikelumish @IsraelThrives
Mike L.
We make a terrible mistake if we underestimate the significance of this historical moment.
The Muslim Brotherhood is an anti-Semitic organization with ties to Nazi Germany and it should never have been supported by this dangerously naive American president to begin with.  The fact that it has been overthrown by the less ideological Egyptian military is a good thing not only for the Jews of the Middle East, but for pretty much everyone in the Middle East.
For the Jews, of course, it means a reprieve from the encroachment throughout the region of a racist political-religious ideology that demonizes Jews and calls for the Arab re-conquest of the Jewish city of Jerusalem.  For the Christians, particularly the Egyptian Copts, it means (potentially, at least) a reprieve from state sponsored oppression and harassment.  For the Muslims, it means putting the breaks onto a slide into religious fanaticism and darkness.
No one suffers more under political Islam than do Muslims, particularly Muslim women and Muslim Gay people.  Political Islam (or "radical Islam" or "Islamism") is a fascistic and backward-looking movement that the west must oppose.  That the US government under president Barack Obama would actually support this movement tells us something not just about Obama, himself, but about prevailing trends within his political movement and within the Democratic party.
So, while I am exceedingly happy to see the downfall of Muhammed Morsi, it does raise the question of the fate of Egyptian democracy.  Whether Obama wants to use the word, or not, what we just witnessed was a military coup against a semi-democratically elected fascist organization.  What we are seeing is something akin to if Operation Valkyrie had been successful in taking out Hitler during World War II.
Operation Valkyrie, of course, was not successful, but Operation Get-Rid-Of-The-Brotherhood was and we should all be entirely grateful for that fact.
We can't know the fate of Egypt going forward, but what we can know is that the ideological underpinnings of oppression and hatred, grounded in Islam, have taken a serious blow in the Middle East.
As liberals we need to oppose the union of Mosque and State wherever it is to be found.  If we honestly believe in universal human rights then we must support universal human rights across the globe, not just in the west.  This also means opposing Sharia courts in Europe and no-go zones throughout that continent.  Obama's support for the Brotherhood was the betrayal of the central tenet of his own alleged political ideology.
And for that, history will not look kindly upon him.
Of that, I can assure you.

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