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The Facts of Life //

By Erika Brechtel @smallshopstudio

I was recently emailed that on this page I make my life “seem too perfect all the time, which isn’t genuine.”

At first, I laughed.

And then, I got kinda P.O.’d.

I’m not sure where or when this idea started that a style blogger needs to divulge personal details in order to remain true to herself and her readers. I wanted to ask this individual, do you do this in your place of work or with people you’re just meeting? So why should I? Such an odd concept!

I intentionally keep things positive here because that’s what makes me happy and motivated, and I hope it does that for you too. I don’t believe I need to apologize or insert more negativity to “keep it real.” (And let’s not forget that this is the face of my business.)

I have had my share of struggles but I try my best to pick myself up, adjust, and move on. It takes “real” determination and hard work. Hey, I’ve been blindsided, dumped, laid off, out of work, suffered miscarriages, lost friends, been betrayed, hurt, down and out, just like everyone else. These struggles don’t make me special.

But I’m in a good place right now, and I’m gonna enjoy it since it won’t last forever.

So as I enter the last year of my 30′s this Friday (yikes!),
I’m gonna take this GOOD,
know that I’ve learned and will continue to learn from the BAD,
and keep going on with LIFE.


*I don’t think Mrs. Garrett ever said this on the show, but it makes me laugh!

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