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The Exante Diet - Review

By Aworldfullofprettiness
The Exante Diet - Review
Never heard of the Exante Diet before?
"Whether you have 2 pounds or 10 stone to lose, Exante Diet has a range of flexible, easy-to-follow, weight-management and weight-loss plans to suit you:
  • You replace everyday foods with Exante Diet meal-replacement shakes, bars and more on some of our plans.
  • Get 100% of your Recommended Daily Allowance (RDAs) with our delicious range of diet meals and products.
  • Learn about portion control.
  • Gradually increase your calorie intake and balance your diet with healthy food choices.
  • Manage your weight with our 5:2 diet"
It's really simple and quick - 2 words I like to hear in the same sentence when it comes to food - especially when I'm famished! Basically you replace your usual meals with exante foods - this can be shakes, snacks, meals - they're pretty much already prepared, you just have to make a few small adjustments to them (i.e. pop them in the microwave for 2 minutes, or add hot water to them.. really basic stuff that any inexperienced cook can do!).
It helps you to learn and maintain portion control (a huge factor to weight gain) but also ensures you reach your RDA. It's all low calorie foods, just as filling, but with really good results. There are different varieties of food packs you can order, depending on your own personal needs. Depending on the calorie content of the foods, on certain diets you can eat more than others.. it all depends on what is best for you.
I was lucky enough to trial some of their foods however what I was provided with didn't last me long enough so I am unable to provide personal weight loss results, however if you visit their website you can read a series of reviews on there.
The range of flavours is growing - I tried numerous shakes, some I preferred more than others. The soup I have to say wasn't really my cup of tea, neither was the moussaka. However this maybe because I had never sampled protein based foods before (not even shakes), so the taste was completely new to me, and somewhat.. strange. 
However, taste aside, this diet seems healthy to follow, as well as convenient and simple.
The Exante Diet - Review
With the help of my trusty Blend Active, I had a toffee caramel shake prepared under a minute - measure out the correct amount of water - add this to the powder, blitz, pour into a glass and bingo - a healthy breakfast replacement (or in-between snack/lunch, whichever you prefer!).
The Exante Diet - Review
The tomato and basil soup was made in a similar way - In fact I did this in the blender too, although I'm not sure if that contributed to the weird consistency that I was left with... This soup was very creamy and flavoursome, although if you're new to protein-based products like me, the taste might take a bit of getting used to!
Are you wanting to get bikini ready for that upcoming summer holiday? Pop over to Exante today and see if it appeals to you!

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