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"The EU is a New Religion," Lord Hesketh Defects to UKIP

Posted on the 07 November 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
this is an interesting, and (potentially) multifarious, development ... in the cabinet under both Margaret Thatcher and John Major, Lord Hesketh has 'defected' from David Cameron's ConLibDem coalition government to take a prominent position in 'EU-alternative party' UKIP.
“Every government that we have had, with the exception of Margaret Thatcher’s, has essentially allowed itself to be bamboozled by the civil service into avoiding having a serious discussion with the Europeans about sorting out the problem. And I’m afraid that is now happening to this (UK coalition) government,” said Hesketh.

“The problem at the moment is that the EU is based on fiction. It doesn’t have the political reality. The whole problem of this crisis is that it was created by the Europeans themselves. You could not have a single currency without a political union. They knew that couldn’t get away with a political union, so they disappeared to the equivalent of Las Vegas and signed up to a maniac proposition, which is to have a unified currency with no unified policies,” he summarises.
But then we have to ask, "What is UKIP?" 
There's a scurrilous Conspiracy Theory circulating the internet that UKIP is a mainstream political off-shoot or 'EU terror party' that's been designed (specifically) by the UK (who invented the IMF) to use the two-party-politically-disgruntled votes of You The People to get us out of Europe and ensure that we become the New Global Empire as e-Walled Island Enclave to compete in the New Cold War with China and India, in the coming decades of the Global Food War.
What say you, the people? Sick of the GAME yet?

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