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The Eternal Fall - Emptiness Vol 1 + 2

Posted on the 25 March 2012 by Ripplemusic
The Eternal Fall - Emptiness Vol 1 + 2
The Eternal Fall is a very strange band. I loved half the album and didn't like the other half at all. The great songs are light, punky trad goth, while the others petered off into mindless whining. I barely got through the first tracks on the album, "Beneath the Stars" and "You Are Always in My Mind." But "Always It's the Same" is a fantastic song. It's almost as if the Cruxshadows went trad goth and met the Cure halfway. It's actually one of my favorite songs right now, that's how awesome it is.
"Broken Dreams," "Empty Eyes,"  are some more phenomenal trad goth sounding songs of the album. The Eternal Fall has a really good sound, if they could just keep it going. The tracks that were good were REALLY good. But the tracks that weren't so good stuck out like Snooki at Wave Gotick Treffen. Minimalistic piano and synth paired with ghostly lamenting sounds good on one or two songs, but not on half the album. "Ich Denk ed Dich," and "The Pain," straddle both styles perfectly though, he's not wailing the whole time, he's singing, and moaning, but it's balanced with guitars and drumming that keep the song moving in the right direction.
I think that's the problem, the songs aren't balanced enough. By the end of the album I could tell which ones were going to be crap and which ones were going to be good, just by the pattern it was following. Albums shouldn't follow patterns, they should be a listening experience, full of twists and turns, surprises at every corner.
On the really good songs, the sound is phenomenal. Upbeat synth and drums with groaning guitars swirled in make for a very romantic goth, punchy sound. As I said before the ones that are good, are really really good, I just wish the whole album had been like that. Also, another thing worth noting, this album is supposed to have two dics, but I only got disc one, so I can't tell you how the other one sounds. I would listen to this band again, but I would listen to the whole album before buying it.
-- Gorgeous Nightmare

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