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The Essential Items in a Minimalist Closet

By Kathleen O'Malley @frugalportland

Last month, we talked about getting started with minimalism. That was a surprisingly popular post. Turns out, there’s much to be said about owning less. It’s the one thing that makes such a difference in my attitude. I see empty spaces in my home as peaceful, like the white space publishers use in text to make reading easier. Brent calls it a disease. I say he still has too much stuff. Every weekend, I want to go through bookshelves and closets.

I’ve pared down my closet to the essentials.

essential items in a minimalist closet

The Essential Items in a Minimalist Closet

  1. Two or three pairs of jeans. Only keep the ones that make you look and feel good.
  2. Three or four tank tops. For layering, and when the weather gets nicer, for wearing alone.
  3. Short-sleeved shirts. Start with five, then work your way down from there.
  4. Long-sleeved shirts. Three or four.
  5. Sweaters. Keep the sweaters you can wear with tank tops. Don’t have more than four sweaters.
  6. Two or three casual skirts/dresses. This is for women, and the dude on my street who wears a kilt and rides a unicycle.
  7. One business appropriate outfit. Maybe two. Use blazers as jackets to dress up a casual outfit.
  8. A little black dress.
  9. Two pairs of exercise capris.
  10. Two pairs of running shorts.
  11. One pair of running shoes.
  12. One pair of heels you can walk in.
  13. Two pairs of flats.
  14. Two pairs of sandals.
  15. Three or four scarves of varying weights.
  16. Three good bras (oh, lordy, I wrote bra on my website).
  17. A week’s worth of other unmentionables.
  18. A bathrobe.
  19. One set of loungy clothes/pajamas.
  20. Two swimsuits. Because nobody should have to ever put on a wet swimsuit.

I’ve been doing laundry more often since paring things down, but then again, I should be doing laundry more often anyway.

What am I missing? Could you pare your closet down this much?

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