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By Jonathansfinejewelers @Jon_Siegel

Engagement Ring and Wedding BandIn today’s world we don’t always hear happy news, which is one reason why I love being a diamond wholesaler and designer of engagement rings. I bring happiness to people. I love to see the faces of the men when they first see the ring they are going to be giving their girlfriends and the fiancés faces when they gaze down at the ring when they bring them in to have them sized or when they are coming in to buy the wedding bands.

There are times when a man spends hours with me pouring over the engagement ring and then in the end, he just can’t seem to give the ring to the woman because he has realized it’s not right or maybe she has come to that realization.  And, we also run into the man who has given the ring to the woman and she brings it back a few weeks later with a very sad look, saying she can’t keep it.  This, of course, breaks my heart, but it does happen and when it does, you might wonder what happens with the engagement ring?

The Engagement Ring that Was Not Meant To Be

Custom Engagement Ring and Wedding Band
A woman, whom I have never meant, was working with her best friends boyfriend to pick the perfect engagement ring. They worked with me for months over the phone. Pictures were sent back and forth to build the ultimate ring for the love of his life and this woman’s best friend.  This woman had never seen the ring, but she knew it was coming.

When the ring was done, it was sent to Alaska, where this man and his girlfriend lived, and the day the ring arrived he changed his mind and sent the ring back to me.  He decided he didn’t want to marry her.  I don’t know who was more upset, the girlfriend or the woman who spent so much time designed the perfect ring that was now going to go to never be worn.

A Change of Ownership

This woman realized that although this ring was meant for her friend, the truth was she had designed it for herself.  She and her husband had not gotten an engagement ring, and after much discussion, they called me up and told me they wanted to buy it and a payment plan was born.

The Payment Plan

Custom Engagement Ring
We began a design plan for a wedding band and a payment plan to go along with the engagement ring.  The woman was already married and her husband was active in the military, and he was due to go back over to Afghanistan any day.  They decided to renew their vows before he was called back into the middle of the war and time was of the essence. They were both anxious to get the rings before he was due to be called back to active duty.

We worked out the payment plan, and she slowly paid the balance off as we got busy with the band.  Then her husband got the call that he was due back overseas and the urgency became even more urgent.  We needed those rings and she needed those rings.

The Financing of the Engagement Ring

We recently started a financing program at Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers.  In fact, it was so new that when the woman asked for financing to finish paying off her rings, we had to call in her application because we didn’t even have our welcome packet yet.

We got her set up, we shipped her package overnight with FedEx and guess what happened….her rings don’t show up!

Finding the Engagement Ring

Katrina Waldrip and her Engagement Ring

The Happy Couple

One thing is our staff here is amazing, and when you give them a task they get it done and they don’t allow a customer to ever have a bad experience, which could account for why our word of mouth business is so great.  They found those rings, but in order for our customer to get her rings before her husband shipped out, she had to drive 30 miles at 7 am to get them.

One of our staff stayed with her right until the very end to make sure she got those rings.  Right now, they are saying those vows and we wish them well and we especially wish him a safe journey as he fights for his country.  May God watch over him and keep him safe.

If you have purchased a ring from Jonathan’s Fine Jewelers and would like to see it highlighted on our blog, please contact us or send an email to lee@jonathansfinejewelers!

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