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The End Time Blog: Year in Review

By Elizabethprata @elizabethprata
I like end of year lists, retrospectives, and charts. I don't enjoy looking backward regularly, but once per year I do enjoy seeing the milestones and stepping stones of progress in life and in sanctification.
According to Google Analytics, if I am reading it correctly, this year The End Time received 670,000 sessions. The All Time number of page views since founding the blog nearly 7 years ago on January 9, 2009 is over 6.5 million. I don't know if page views differs from sessions, lol. I don't examine the Analytics that much or worry about numbers. The Holy Spirit will bring whom He wants to this blog.
There are other blogs of secular and Christian nature certainly that receive more views, but the numbers speak to me, just one middle-aged lady in a small Georgia town. It is a heavy responsibility knowing that if even 1 person views 1 page at any time, that what is written here magnifies the Lord. Have I handled the Word carefully? Have I exalted Christ? Or myself? Do I point people in His direction with love and occasional admonishment? Or am I a wayward "discernment diva" criticizing for no reason? The way is narrow, Jesus said, and once a Christian is on the path it doesn't get any broader. As a matter of fact, it narrows, as I strive not only to stay on His narrow path in obedience to His statutes but on the very center line on the narrow path- not wishing to stray even for an inch or for an hour.
As for this year's blog trends, some annual trends remain the same year after year. After a large earthquake, the hits spike tremendously. I'm fascinated by earthquakes too. My Annual EQ trend chart will be updated and posted on the 31st. There is something at once terrifying and supernatural to think that the seemingly solid ground one is standing on, built a house on, drives on, can in an instant turn liquid, or worse, open up and swallow you or a whole town. Quakes shake people up down to their soul, which is the point I suppose, if the Language of Earthquakes holds true.
Apart from seekers trying to make sense of the world after an earthquake or other terrible disaster by searching the internet and landing here, I never know what will rise to the top in any given year. Usually it's the least likely blog post that sticks.
For example, the all time blog post that has gotten the most views is improbably the one where I wrote against the sideways necklace. SMH. I try not to have human pride in what I write, but sheesh, one would pray that a more spiritual essay would be the one that got people to read here and perhaps become strengthened or better yet, come to know Jesus. But noooo, a necklace. Oh well! SDG.
And coming in second in the all time hits department is a blood moon debunking essay. The third is the one where Harold Camping made a false prediction of rapture on May 21 2011 Rapture and a New York man sold all his earthly goods prior to the alleged doom date. The damage that wacky eschatology or fallen, hypocritical pastors do to the faith is incalculable. People remember the damage and it either makes Jesus a laughingstock in their eyes or hardens them against Him. We all must be so careful--

because by this deed you have given great occasion to the enemies of the LORD to blaspheme (2 Samuel 12:14)
The all time most popular posts are:
The End Time blog: Year in Review
The top posts of this year 2015 have been, in descending order:
3/27/15 Dr David Jeremiah's shocking apostasy. 24,455 views.
The End Time blog: Year in ReviewThat one really got people going, Even 9 months later I still receive comments on the essay every few days.
8/31/15 Why I do not recommend Kendrick Brothers' new movie, "War Room", part 1, 15,752 views
9/1/15 Why I do not recommend Kendrick Brothers' new movie, "War Room", part 2 15,523 views
I'm glad to see the top three essays were of the discernment arena, one of the three arenas in which I write, the other two being encouragement and prophecy. I pray that people who come here or go to one of the linked blogs here will be edified and educated in the faith, so as to know Jesus better. Strip away the false! Our eyes will then behold him more brightly and more truthfully.
4/25/15 Nepal's large quake: a tragedy and an opportunity 6,812 views
There is always a huge quake and always people searching for meaning in the tragedy of either natural disaster or man-made terror. I am pleased to offer encouragement in the Lord's name. For Christians who read essays like the one above, I pray they can be comforted in truth. For those without Christ who are searching for why these things happen, I pray they find comfort in coming to know Him, because ultimately He is the ONLY comfort.
The End Time blog: Year in Review8/19/15 John MacArthur confronted by intruder mounting the stage during Sunday Service 5,360 views
It was nice to see how loved JMac is and how protective people are of him.
11/13/15 Paris terror attack, Japan earthquake 4,500 views
As I said, tragedies and quakes always get people searching.
4/1/15 (Updated) Why I won't be watching the miniseries A.D.: The Bible Continues (And I hope you won't be either) 4,001 views
3/20/15 A Christian Astronomer debunks the blood moon theory from both a scientific and a biblical perspective 3,889 views
More discernment, good.
The End Time blog: Year in Review
1/1/15 She Reads Truth, IF:Gathering, and women bible teachers. Part 4: Women teachers 3,886 views
The previous essay in the She Reads Truth series was technically posted in 2014, Dec 31, so I didn't include it, but it received over 5000 views. I was glad. The invisible arenas that technology affords are often used by satan as a sluice-way of falsity, and the devastating doctrines that the She Reads Truth ladies promote on these ether airways needed to be highlighted.
Often times when someone wants to defend a false teacher I've highlighted in discernment essays, I receive the charge that any criticism should warrant engaging with them personally. "Did you go to them?!" Sigh. It isn't necessary, and that's another topic, but I did engage personally with two of the She Reads Truth women. One was concerned but kind, one was angry. I pray that both took to heart my admonishment as a Titus 2 elder trying to reach the younger. (I am a lot older then both of them)
6/22/15 (UPDATED & UPDATED) Tullian Tchividjian: It's not the celebrity pastor, megachurch model that is the problem 3,442 views
What an embarrassing grief, when a pastor falls. It is SUCH A BLOT on our name as Christians and against the name of Jesus. If you remember, Tchividjian resigned his mega-church pastorate on the disclosures of adultery and later, divorce. Tchividjian happens also to be the grandson of Billy Graham. Our behavior directly reflects on Jesus. Ladies, we are
to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God. (Titus 2:5 )
The overall trend is slowly but inexorably up. I don't advertise or relentlessly promote so this is all by the Spirit. I'm grateful for each and every visitor, even my faithful trolls, stalkers, and cranks. I am thrilled to read the readers' thoughts. So many of you write so insightfully and educate me through your comments! Thank you also for the emails and questions which keep me sharp and the encouragement and sometimes the gifts. I appreciate ALL of it and ALL of you. Thank you Lord for for the brethren.
I want to thank those who linked to the blog also. Glenn at The Watchmans' Bagpipes especially, coming in at #1 in referrals. Thank you to Erin at Do Not Be Surprised and Jan at Olive Tree Views and The Aquila Report and Facebook. Facebook was #2 in referrals, and Mobile Facebook was #6. I value each and every referral and if I ever regretted starting two FB pages now I don't. It is a powerful tool for getting the message out. Of course it's also a powerful tool to stumble, so hence the weight of responsibility and the ever present need to rely on the Spirit to carry the burden and keep me humble.
The End Time blog: Year in Review
So that's the blog this year. I believe I posted every day and sometimes more. The Lord organized my life so I'd have time and He gave me the talent of writing. He saved me in His grace and put me to work using the talent for His glory (I hope). As long as he continues to give me strength, insight, and time I will continue. And I pray--
Let not those who hope in you be put to shame through me, O Lord GOD of hosts; let not those who seek you be brought to dishonor through me, O God of Israel. (Psalm 69:6)

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