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The Enchanted Wood

By Pamelascott

The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton
Published by Hodder Children's Books
Published 2 July 2015 (first published 1939)
207 pages

Discover more about the author Buy the book: UK (affilite's link) I read this for 2017 Popsugar Reading Challenge. The category is 'a book you loved as a child'. WHAT'S IT'S ABOUT

The first magical story in the Faraway Tree series.

Joe, Beth and Frannie find the Enchanted Wood on the doorstep of their new home, and when they discover the Faraway Tree they fall into all sorts of adventures!

Join them and their friends Moonface, Saucepan Man and Silky the fairy as they discover which new land is at the top of the Faraway Tree. Will it be the Land of Spells, the Land of Treats, or the Land of Do-As-You-Please? Come on an amazing adventure!


There were once three children, called Joe, Beth and Frannie. All their lives they had lived in a town, but now their father had a job in the country, so they were all to move as soon as they possibly could.


I believe this was the first, or one of the first books I ever read. I was a rabid fan of Enid Blyton when I was a child. I was surprised to discover some odd changes in the book such as changing the characters names (Fanny has now become Frannie) for some bizarre reason. PC weirdness aside this is still a fun, enchanting read. I had a great time revising some of my favourite childhood memories even though they've been given an unnecessary makeover. The Enchanted Wood is fun and delightful. I enjoyed reading about the children's adventures in the wood, up the Faraway Tree and the strange lands that appeared at the top. The Enchanted Wood is perfect children's literature. I loved it when I was a child and still do.

The Enchanted Wood

The Enchanted Wood

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