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The Emergency Cocktail Station

By Dinocelotti @TheDabbler

I thought this was a clever idea from Urbancase and I like it a lot, especially for its little subtleties like the first aid cross engraved in the front when closed. I do however think the $850 price point is a slight bit ridiculous considering it’s something one could pretty well make at home.

The Emergency Cocktail Station

It is quite funky nonetheless and I think this or something similar could make a great small bar for someone who doesn’t need as much booze-room as I do. If you like it enough to drop that kind of coin you can find it here at Design Public.

As I mentioned before, there is likely a far simpler and more cost effective way to create an almost identical outcome. Take a look at this Besta Burs Bench and Wall Cabinet from IKEA. The whole set is $429. I didn’t look to hard, but I’m pretty sure you could probably find the top part alone for about half that and you’d have 3 times as much storage space as the Urbancase version… you would however be missing that mini half-shelf inside (Oh no!) and the ever so necessary engraved first aid cross on the front.

The Emergency Cocktail Station

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