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The Eida HaChareidis Has Put out a Notice Regarding the c...

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
The Eida HaChareidis has put out a notice regarding the chumra or hakpada that has become trendy over the past several years of abstaining after Pesach from consuming chametz that was sold over pesach. People who follow this custom insist on seeing on the packaging of the food item a notice that it is made from flour ground after Pesach.
As far as I know, the Eida Hachareidis is not strict about this and does not insist on food under its supervision to be produced from flour ground after Pesach (correct me if I am wrong). 
The Eida HaChareidis has put out a notice regarding the c...
The notice says that some people are machmir on themselves to not purchase after Pesach chametz from flour that underwent a process of cleaning via a light stream of water before grinding.
The Eida says that some flour ground before pesach is ground dry, without undergoing that process using water. Such flour has the same exact status as flour ground after pesach.
I am not sure how helpful such a notice is. How is anybody supposed to know if a flour product is made from this flour or that flour, if ground before Pesach? Regardless, if there is a way to know, and if you are strict about this, the Eida says you can also eat from flour ground before Pesach if it was ground dry.
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