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The Egyptian Version of the Birther Movement

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
Did a foreign Pharoah give Egypt a bad name?
That's what the director of the Antiquities Authority of Egypt is claiming.
Dr. Mustafa Waziri is claiming that the king named {haroah in the Bible was a ruler over parts of Egypt, but he himself was not actually Egyptian. Rather, according to Waziri, Pharoah was from a nomadic tribe known as Hyksos. The Hyksos tribe meandered into Egypt at some point and even ruled the country for a few hundred years.
Waziri further claims, against accepted knowledge in the archaeological community, that the word "Pharoah" is NOT the generic title of the king of Egypt. Rather, Waziri claims, Pharoah was the name of this specific ruler. Waziri says the claim of Phaorah being the title of King of Egypt is an urban legend started by the Jews with intent to lay false blame on the Egyptian people for their enslavement.
Waziri points to the Koran as proof for his claims. He points to the fact that the title Pharoah is never used in the Koran in reference to the ruler of Egypt. As well, Moshe talks to Pharoah and addresses him as "Pharoah" and not as "Honorable Pharoah" as would be necessary if that were the kings title.
Source: Walla News
This Waziri fellow must be Egypt's version of Donald Trump, and must head the Egyptian version of the "birther" movement. Next thing we know he will run for the position of President (or King) of Egypt..
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