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The Easy Part of Easy – Pt 1

By Rodjonesartist
The Easy Part of Easy – Pt 1

The Easy Part of Easy – Pt 1: Did anyone ever tell you, “no one ever said it would be easy,“ and that turned out to be true, and in some cases false. The advice sage is horary. Inevitably predictable, setting the stage for doubt in all matters.

Let me introduce you to Becky-Vicki Brown. Becky-Vicki could be a character from a long lost novel by a forgotten author, alas it is not! Becky-Vicki lives in Fort Smith, Arkansas which lies on the Arkansas-Oklahoma State border. The town where Becky was born and raised had a colorful American history where Becky-Vicki did everything possible to avoid learning anything about the state or the town’s lineage. Keeping that in mind, let’s fast-forward to 1953 the month of June, which happened to be Becky-Vicki’s birth month. She had just celebrated her 33rd birthday.

June 1953 along with Becky-Vicki’s birthday celebration was not all that memorable, with the exception of a chance meeting Becky-Vicki had on that day. Not thinking too deeply about turning 33 she decided to go out and have breakfast by herself knowing that later that afternoon some family friends would want to help her celebrate by bringing over cake and a few gifts that mostly qualified as gag gifts.

Becky-Vicki entered the Red Rooster Café one block off of Main Street, it was a hole in the wall kind of restaurant that mostly was frequented by the old-timers. She went to a corner table where she could have her back towards the wall and that table gave her the best view of the overall restaurant. Becky-Vicki ordered her usual breakfast which consisted of two eggs up and very runny, that accompanied a small bowl of oatmeal.

A very tall and very thin man walked into the restaurant and sat down at a table that was positioned in such a way that he was directly facing Becky-Vicki. This was a bit unsettling for her because he kept staring at her. Intermittently he would present a halfhearted smirk of a smile that was directly and deliberately presented to her. Squirming in her seat that was definitely noticeable, Becky-Vicki demonstrated a very real unsettled feeling inside. It was as if she knew something was going to change in her life. Which made her feel a cringe that went deep into the core of her body.

Not one to ever hold back from a confrontational situation, scared or not, Becky-Vicki got up from her seat and walked over to the table where the very tall and very thin man was sitting. She pulled out the chair so she could sit directly in front of it. With a slight quiver in her lips she delivered her opening line, that she rehearsed on her way walking to his table. “Why are you staring at me you A** Hole?” The man that first just sat there staring at her, then he cracked a big smile and said to Becky-Vicki, my name is Larry-George Brown I am your brother.

End of part one.

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