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The Easiest Way to Fall (back) in Love

By Shaybanks @dnceluv

The Easiest Way to Fall (back) in LoveI get these questions all the time: Why can’t I find someone to love me? or Why won’t he love me the way that I need to be loved?

 These are perfectly great questions and I assure you that the women who asks these questions are really awesome. But, even those of us that are awesome get a little stuck. So before I give my answer, I want you to answer the following statement.

When was the last time you…

…smiled at a stranger?

…paid for the person behind you?

…bought lunch for someone just because?

…had a dinner party?

…called up an old friend to say hi?

…told your parents you love them?

…supported a cause?

…taken a bubble bath?

…played a drinking game with your friends?

…watched a double feature?

…spent all day lying in bed?

…bought new lingerie?

…said Hi to your neighbors?

…got really interested in someone else’s life?

…laughed ‘til you cried or peed your pants (even a little)?

…listened to all the music you loved in high school?

…enjoyed the sun’s warm embrace as you read a book?

…enjoyed an evening with candlelight?

…looked in the mirror and said “I love you”?

…cried your eyes out during a good movie?

…played in a rain shower?

…read a good book?

…had a water balloon fight?

…walked around naked?

…tried a new ethnic restaurant?

…ate with your hands?

…turned your cell phone off & enjoyed the quiet?

…stretched your body?

…took a road trip to a new place?

…watched your favorite movie?

…made a Root Beer float or S’mores?

…played in the mud?

What does this have to do with those two questions? Everything. Until you love your life, even the smallest detail of your life, it’s impossible for someone who is full of love to be attracted to you.

Until you love your life completely, how can anyone know how to love you? People lead by example. So instead of wondering why can’t he love you the way you want him to, or why can’t you find a man to love you, make sure you’re putting in a lotta elbow grease lovin’ you. Start small. Be grateful for everything that surrounds you and focus on that.

I can guarantee you, that when you do this with 100% commitment, your love life will blossom. And so will you. Best of all, it will seem so effortless.

Pay attention and enjoy your life now and everything else will fall into place.

P.S. Do this when you feel like a parrot asking him to spend more time with you.

P.P.S. Also do this when you’re feeling yucky. Get your attention off what’s bothering you and focus elsewhere. Preferably, on something fun and relaxing.


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