The Earrings of Encanto

Posted on the 24 January 2022 by Pricescope @pricescope

The world is enchanted by Encanto! The Family Madrigal is everywhere, and for good reason! This new Disney animated sensation is going to be on top of the charts for a long time, Frozen may have reason to "let it go" for a while a new champ reigns.

Some people are probably scratching their heads and wondering why I am writing about the jewelry in an animated film. Those who have been long-time readers of mine know that I have a jewelry-obsessed young daughter and so Encanto has been running nonstop and we've been checking out the jewelry looks while dancing along!

Let's take a quick look because I think that some of these earring styles are going to be popping up everywhere! The film may be animated, but the earrings are lively! As the film is animated, I will be finding pieces that create a similar look and feel rather than exact matches.


The Matriarch sets the tone for the look and feel of the entire Family Madrigal. Her more reserved style captures her more serious role. She is still the symbolic loving arms that protect and nurture the family. Her earrings are timeless, so is her hope for her family.



Julieta is one of Abuela's triplets, she is the mother of Mirabel (the story's lead character). She is loving and calm while being an excellent wife and mother. Her powers are a reflection of her maternal warmth. She may not be the lead focus in this film, but I expect that we will learn more about her in the future.



Pepa is more erratic than her sister Julieta, like the weather that she controls. If she loses her cool there are weather-related repercussions. Pepa's earrings are also big bursts, they look like the sun but they are also like fireworks. Explosions of bling that suit her to perfection.




Mirabel is the central focus of Encanto. She is bright and vivacious, and eager to please her family above all else. She navigates us through the story with sparkles in her eyes and a spring in her step...most of the time. I know that these are not a match, but I felt like they would effortlessly land a place in Mirabel's earring collection.



Isabela is perfection personified. She creates beauty in her wake and is the apple of everyone's eye. Being perfect is not always what it is cracked up to be, but it's all Isabela knows. She is gorgeous and powerful, and a much-beloved figure. The epitome of beauty, her style is feminine and does not back down from her own strengths. Is it really any surprise that her earrings are similar to Veri Peri?



Dolores Madrigal is Pepa's daughter and her power is amplified hearing. It would be really difficult to live where you hear and absorb every sound for miles, but that is one of the things that Dolores carries. She is very pretty and clever as well. She pairs her earrings with her choker and headband in the most coordinated accessories of the whole family.



Luisa has been the surprise favorite of the Family Madrigal. People find themselves identifying with her and the amount of pressure that she lives with without everyone knowing. The rumors are that they put a lot of their merch eggs in the Isabela basket, expecting kids to lean into the idea of perfection. It seems that relatable is more attractive here in 2022, and as she is my personal favorite...I can't knock them! Luisa keeps her look more simple but doesn't go without adornment. Her earrings are lovely and super practical for her very physical life.


Encanto is the kind of movie that while created with kids in mind may make adults have all the feels as well. The Lin Manuel Miranda score will have you tapping and singing along. Enjoy the Columbian styles and the brightly colored backdrops. Disney's Encanto is a great family film that will be engrained in this generation for years to come.

Wonder why we only discussed 2/3 of the triplets? We don't talk about Bruno! 🙂

Which character's look is your favorite? Let us know which earrings are your favorites in the comments!

Written by Kayti Kawachi

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