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The Dysfunctional Trump Adhocracy

By Therealmcteag @therealmcteag

Olympus Has Fallen

Welcome to start of year two of the abortion that is the Trump Presidency.  While we never had a lot of faith that Trump’s hiring prowess would pan out we at least thought he would get a core of mediocre people to mitigate the damage of his own bad impulses. If that was ever the case it’s a distant memory now.

The Dysfunctional Trump Adhocracy

This past week saw an overdue end to Temporary Security clearances for the dozens of White House staffers who couldn’t obtain  ACTUAL Top Secret Clearance.  Among the casualties are the presidents shady son-in-law Jared Kushner and maybe his wife Princess Ivanka too. In fact both the Kushner’s are almost daily the subject of more revelations of shifty deals and questionable ties. Whatever other problems they had before, theyre now about on par with an army lieutenant in the kind of secret information they would be allowed to see, In other words- damn near nothing, If theres any good news no one expected them to accomplish much. In Kushner’s case the idea he would share information with anyone for a few bucks figures deeply in. Good luck as Mideast Peace Envoy (with less clearance than your driver now) Jared.

The idea that Trump wouldn’t just reverse himself and hire most of these people back is in the mix too. It’s that chaotic.

The Birth of Dysfunctional Adhocracy

I’m calling whats going on right now A Dysfunctional Adhocracy. Rather than streamlined and tailored to handle any given crisis; this administartion, through indifference and nepotism, ended up being a vain and incompetent soap opera of blameshifting lies and firings. Also- it’s governing by whim (and tantrum) and is more or less completely spur of the moment.  Right now America’s policies are unplanned assertions from the president and nothing more.

Yet another, not to be forgotten, part of the chaos is a desperate Trump kicking the can one day at a time to stay head the Mueller Probe.

Nobody’s Home

The part where everyone getting fired dovetails with a laissez faire hiring policy that knew no urgency and started out behind. The smallest campaign bred the smallest transition and no urgency was ever felt to have a fully staffed White House that could hit the ground runnning. That gap was never addressed and the Trump White House always lagged behind and kept on fading.

There’s no one to review policy, there’s no one to write up talking points and there’s no larger discussions of hard facts by highly informed people. There’s weirdo survivors like Stephen Miller manipulating a president who never really had any ideas, just angry inclinations. Its ad-hoc and in no way thought out. It’s also dangerous as all Hell.

Which brings us to now . The result is that not only are they desperately short

The Dysfunctional Trump Adhocracy

Dum-dum DUMMM! It’s Captain Chaos!

handed, theyve had to shift people from job to job in dizzying fashion. Predictably work didnt get done. Look at a poorly thought out and immediately shredded bad idea like the first attempt at a Travel Ban as proof of this . And it happened in every way possible. Unqualified people like Betsy DeVos bought their way in and others still just plain old walked in and convinced Trump to hire them based on being early loyalists (like General Flynn).  DeVos, the only one of the two not currently facing jail time, is the most unpopular secratary of education ever and the first to need a robust security detail. And she’s the success story.

The cavalcade of defections, firings and resignations under a cloud has been unrelenting since General Flynn was forced out (and is now looking at jail time) after 24 days in his National Security Adviser gig. Right now it’s civilian hating General Kelly, HR Puffin’ Stuff McMaster and Attorney General Sessions who are on the griddle or looking to flee. In Kelly’s case he just can’t stop talking about how it was a fluke his closest adviser (and most important hire) was a serial wife beater (Rob Porter). It’s crazy but a really unqualified person or an outright racist who merely hasnt committed any crimes that might embarrass the administration is a commodity, even if theyre also stupid to boot. Miller again comes to mind.

Just some of the people rumored to be on their way out this week are – Jared, Ivanka, HR McMaster and Ben Carson.

Complicating everything is the Third Tier losers who were willing to work with Trump to begin with. Unsurprisingly most of them have led such shady lives that the idea they will ever be cleared to look at secret material on a permanent basis is not merely utopian, its straight up idiotic.

The Dysfunctional Trump Adhocracy

How troubled, unstable and incompetent are the president’s hand-picked staff? As I write this the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, dim bulb Ben Carson, is fighting off criticism of a 30 thousand dollar table and other hard to fathom wastes of cash. It’s actually a typical issue for “the Dumbest and the Dimmest” cabinet and department secretaries we now have. If Carson gets fired for it (or has to resign) he would be in good company among wife beaters, tax cheats, suspected foreign agents and luxury plane ride aficionado’s who’ve been chased from office already.

Winging It from Tantrum to Tantrum

So here’s where it’s at right now – Government by Ad hoc Tantrums. An isolated and irritable president bereft of staff and loathe to work is free-styling his way through every situation. NBC in particular provides a public service detailing some of his insanity in a great political blog post by Stephanie Ruhle and Peter Alexander you might just want to check out.

Whacked out statements that don’t consider anything beyond the immediate and the moment litter the recent weeks. The last two weeks have been perhaps the worst of his poorly regarded presidency. No All over the map statements on gun, control with only Armed Teachers as his True North, a whimsical statement about wanting a trade war and constant caustic uninformed or untrue statements are frequent and desperate than in even in the recent past.

You’d imagine losing Hope Hicks, a woman whose last 2

The Dysfunctional Trump Adhocracy

a furious Trump and his human voodoo doll Hicks

relationships have been with guys who verifiably rough up women, removes that last human punching bag he really has to blame and vent at.  Im not sure what a 28 years old one time aspiring model adds to the presidents staff except maybe “designated person to get screamed at”. “messenger to be killed” and “Official Re-Assure-er”. Whose giving him bad news and lying for him now?

Maybe no one. The crazy assertion about putting a protectionist tariff on metal imports was not part of a prepared set of remarks. Nor was it the result of research into the current situation in metal trade Nor was it the result of something as cursory as checking out the guests at he trade forum where Trump blurted out the Tariff idea that immediately sent the Stock Market plunging 500 points despite efforts by whoever hasn’t been fired to defuse and walk back the remarks.

No One Can Be Fired

Which brings us to another problem;  right now no one can really be fired. Unleashing a round of firings to shake things up is actually a tried and true way to right a troubled presidency and we’ve seen guys pull it off in the past. That tools just not available when you govern from inside an at best translucent cloud of constant firings and emabarrassing departures.

That’s right, the White House Human Resources merry-go-round has built up so much centrifugal force that its throwing people off every few days. It’s created an environment where the word Chaos is being used in every paragraph. Attorney General Sessions and Secretary of State Tillerson are just two people Trump absolutely despises who can’t be fired simply because there’s been nothing but tumult since day one. There’s so much staff upheaval that even firing openly frustrated serial Trump trasher Tillerson would just turbocharge the now constant “White House Down” stories that are further inhibiting an already foundering presidency.

And then there’s also the embarrassing racial component to the White House’s make-up. The fact is this adminstration shed half it’s African Americans just by firing Omarossa, so the there’s probably no firing Ben Carson. If Carson goes its then an all white cabinet. He may be safe no matter how many thirty thousand dollar furniture projects he undertakes.

What does all this say about Trump, a guy who sold himself as a great ‘Hiring Master” and excellent judge of business acumen? It sure looks like he is the kind of fool who would buy the Brooklyn Bridge from the same con man every few days thinking somwhow this time would be different.

Crucial Everyday Tasks Neglected 

Looking weak because so many people had to be let go is a real issue but another problem, just as bad is complicating things even more. Simply put- There’s just no one to do any of the important jobs it takes to keep a president on point and out of useless rhetorical problems and fights.  Right now the White House is so understaffed and in such turmoil that the mundane has become potentially disastrous. Just a trade conference over metal imports kneecaps the stock market over what amounts to Trump spitballing ideas. This isn’t supposed to happen. A normal White House would have given him some safe talking points, vetted the people coming and maybe not have some of the wildest people at the meeting so they couldn’t influence “Stand for Nothing/ Fall for Everything” Trump to, for instance, blurt out a destructive comment someone fed to him, like a tariff on metal.

“Angry and Unglued” were the terms sources used to describe the president as he just up and said a bunch of damaging things on trade. NBC actually got deep into the nuts and bolts of how dysfunctional and understaffed the White House has become. It’s so bad that the day during the War of 1812 when a bunch of drunken Canadian’s torched the Executive Mansion is now a distant second (and fading) on the list of Awful Days at the White House.

A Dangerous Phase with No End in Sight

I’m not so sure this dangerous  phase ever ends. Trump may serve whatever time he has left just throwing ideas against the wall. This would be bad no matter who was

The Dysfunctional Trump Adhocracy
doing it, but this is Trump. He can’t admit he’s wrong. Just look at his now near daily insistence Gun Free School Zone be eliminated and Teachers armed. There’s literally no one outside the NRA (who were that last people he talked to before he started blurting out the Armed Teacher thing) who thinks this is a good idea. It would sell more guns and that’s all the NRA cares about. No matter the universal mockery of this moronic idea Trump wont back down. He said it once and therefore it has to be repeated and eventually some sort of Executive Order will get signed at his extra small correspondence desk at a photo-op.

Hold on tight, it’s gonna be bumpy.

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