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The Duchess of Kent

By Janeslondon
The pics below show an old Charringtons pub today standing empty on the corner of Carnegie Street and Charlotte between Barnard Park and Regent's Canal in Islington. Note the 1930s Georgian-esque architecture and their red Courage Best cockerel on the front.
The Duchess of Kent
Pubs of this type, faced in beige tiles at ground level, often also had panels for Toby Ale on them but I can see no evidence of that here. Instead we have some marvelous faded hanging portraits of the Duchess.
The Duchess of Kent
The sign faces east and west and seems to have faded to the same degree on both sides. I like it.
The Duchess of KentThe Duchess appears to be strangely popular in Islington as there are are two more pubs bearing her name – one at 444 Liverpool Rd, and another at 72 Prebend Street where she can be seen sporting a marvelous wide-brimmed, feathered hat as shown here.

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