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The Dog Days of August

Posted on the 18 August 2011 by Warigia @WarigiaBowman
First of all, Ramadan Kareem!

Well, there is a lot going on these days. Mubarak is on trial. I particularly like the cage! I am in Kenya right now, and let me tell you, this trial is striking fear into the heart of Africa's big men. I love it. It is already having positive policy repercussions.

Should cameras be allowed in the courtroom? On balance, I think that the answer is yes. This is a historic trial, and the Egyptian people need to be kept in the loop. It is a good step towards transparency.

It looks like the rebels are advancing well in Libya, and that South Sudan is settling in. There is a terrible famine in the Horn of Africa--many thousands are literally starving to death--and we are donating all we can to the Red Cross to help.

I am very worried about the SCAF's decision to investigate Asmaa Mahfouz for insulting the military. She is a revolutionary hero, and we all need to take a stand on this matter. This charge of insulting the military is completely outrageous. In addition, the SCAF has jailed two activists for insulting the army. Hassan Mahmoud Said (18) and Karim Sayed have been jailed for chanting slogans found insulting to the military establishment. This is a clear violation of human rights.

In good news, ten parties have signed the Al Azhar document affirming that Egypt's new political system should be democratic. According to Al Masry Al Youm,

"After deliberations with intellectuals and religious scholars, Al-Azhar declared in June that Egypt should be a democratic nation-state based on a constitutional order that ensures full separation between the different branches of government and guarantees full equality for all citizens. The declaration calls for respecting freedom of thought and opinion and voices support for human rights, including children’s and women’s rights."

For the full story, look here.

Unfortunately the document is non-binding.

More shortly. WMB

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