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The Dog And The Sparrow

By Itellyouastory

A shepherd’s dog had a master who took  no care of him, but often lethim suffer the greatest hunger. At last he could bear it no longer; sohe took to his heels, and off he ran in a very sad and sorrowful mood.On the road he met  a sparrow  that said  to him,  «Why are  you sosad, my  friend?» «Because,» said the dog, «I am very very hungry, andhave nothing to eat.» «If that be all,» answered the sparrow, «come withme into the next  town, and I will soon find  you plenty of food.» Soon they went together  into the town: and as they passed by a butcher’sshop, the sparrow said to  the dog, «Stand there a little while till Ipeck you down a piece of meat.»

So the sparrow  perched upon  the shelf:and having  first looked  carefully about her to see if anyone waswatching her, she pecked and scratched at a steak that lay upon the edgeof the shelf, till at last down it fell. Then the dog snapped it up, andscrambled away with it into a corner, where  he soon ate it all up.«Well,» said the sparrow, «you shall have some more if you will; socome with  me to the  next shop,  and I will  peck you  down anothersteak.» When the dog had eaten this too, the sparrow said to  him,«Well, my good friend,  have you had  enough now?» «I  have had plentyof meat,» answered he, «but  I should like  to have a piece  of bread toeat after it.» «Come with me then,» said the sparrow, «and you shallsoon have that too.» So she took him to a baker’s shop, and pecked attwo rolls that lay in the window, till  they fell down: and as  the dogstill wished  for more, she took him to another shop and pecked downsome more for him. When that was  eaten, the  sparrow asked  him whetherhe had  had enough  now.


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