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The Dishwasher’s Daydream

Posted on the 15 July 2011 by Juliez

The sink-washed dishes clap thunderously as you dry them

against one another, as if attempting to ignite a fire between

two friendly sticks. The result: a broken dish

or another proclamation that “This cup…plate…bowl is cracking.”

The washed skin on my hand is growing apart, like the leather on

a cow’s back, and it goes down the drain, and gets cozy with the debris

along with the blood that came from cleaning knives too quickly.

You scurry around the kitchen, telling me about your day

as you shove the dishes into their proper places. The plates go

above the larger plates, and ceramic cups go into a different cupboard

next to the other things that aren’t identical in size and shape.

And if I were a bowl, I would be put in my own cupboard…

or I would be with the forks, beside the spoons, next to the drain,

so that I could be close to all of the things that left me. Then again,

I don’t like drawers. It’s difficult to be open-minded in closed spaces.

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