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The Disarmament of ETA

By Pabster @pabloacalvino

imperioFarsaSince Le Tribunal d’Estrasburg declared illegal the polemic Parot doctrine used by Spain for impeding the early redemption of terrorists and other dangerous criminals, and the Spanish National Court started to promptly and suspiciously release ETA murderers -along with anoother scum as a side effect-, it became clear to me that Spanish prime minister Rajoy’s Government was behind all that; and every time I heard or read in the media the same question over and over: why such a hurry?, I wondered if journalists and alike professionals could possibly ignore the obvious answer: because it’s a part of the Government’s course of action for the agreements on ETA’s disarmament.

It’s a well known fact in Europe that Strasbourg Tribunal’s resolutions are extremely often ignored, by the affected governments, without any consequences, because the member’s obligation to put them into practice is highly debatable; there are thousands of such resolutions yet to be carried out, among others, by Spanish authorities. But, even admitting that we’re bound to obey them, it remains unquestionable that nothing forced us to release those criminals so promptly and with such priority over other, much older cases; therefore, there is no denying that the Pouplar Party’s government has consented to the releasements.

But then, why the Spanish right wing has acquiesced to such unpopular move among not only their supporters but also most of the nation’s will? Nothing in politics happens by chance. Qui prod est? Obviously the Populars mean to electorally profit the move and -who knows?- perhaps some good will also come by the way to the people. But, for the moment, there’s only a social group to which the numerous releases benefit: ETA and their sociopolitical setting. Thus, we already have to essential elements to achieve the conclusion, because a Government’s move to the advantage of ETA and the abertzale must be paid with a reciprocal move to the advantage of the Government. Doesn’t it smell desarmament?

And, lo and behold!, quite coincidentally there’s now an announcement that ETA will partially deliver their weapons by the end of this year. Well… white and bottled: milk. Do we need more evidence? It seems unequivocal that our present Government gives in to some of the terrorist band’s demands in exchange of an electorally profitable -and socially desirable- desarmament. Whether the Popular Party has been behind these negotiation since its beginning, side by side with Zapatero (the previous Prime minister), or is just carrying it on motu propio, that I can’t tell; but it can’t be denied that everything belongs to the same story.

Not that I’m convinced that negotiating with terrorists should be absolutely rebuked: when facing such a severe social problem as terrorism, I understand that a Government may yield to the temptation of making deals with the criminals, instead of fighting them with more violence; but what makes me puke is to witness the Populars staging a farce with conmiseration and grief for the victims, hiding behind Strasburg and falsely stating their helplessness about the releasements, because all what Rajoy’s Executive is telling us since these started smells rotten. And it turns out rather ironical that, thanks to ETA’s disarmament, Rajoy’s going to pick the Y lo más irónico es que, con el desarme de ETA, Rajoy is going to pick, and show off, the only medal that might have belonged to Zapatero during his pathetic eight years’ rule.

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