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The Dictators NYC – Supply and Demand (Single)

Posted on the 30 October 2015 by Ripplemusic
 The Dictators NYC – Supply and Demand (Single)
The Dictators, the seminalNYC Proto-punk legends are back – well – sort of.For reasons it's best not to get into here – how can I be politically correct about this – musicians who were in the band The Dictators have joined forces with other musicians - to play the music of the Dictators to fans around the world.They've been touring steadily since 2011 performing said music, and this year they sat down and wrote new music together.
The band consists of singer and world renowned personality “Handsome Dick” Manitoba, guitar god Ross “The Boss” Friedman (both founding members of the Dictators), bassist Dean “The Dream” Rispler (aka that dude that EVERYONE fucking knows apparently!!), rhythm guitarist Daniel Rey and drummer J.P “Thunderbolt” Patterson.
Pay attention here, Wave-riders: Manitoba, JP and Danielformed Manitoba's Wild Kingdom (WithAndy Shernoff – bassist and primary songwriter for the Dictators).  Ross replaced Rey before the band recorded their only album “...And You?”JP joined the Dictators when they recorded “D.F.F.D (Dictators Forever, Forever Dictators) in 2001.Dean and J.P played together in Richard Lloyd's (ex Television) band.
Phew...in January 2012, Manitoba, RTB, Daniel, Dean and J.P played their first show – as Manitoba at Asbury Lanes in NJ as part of the Light of Day foundation's weekend.I was there – I have the shirt.In fact, there's a video on YouTubewhere you can see me smiling and headbanging offRoss's side of the stage, but I digress.That was the beginning of those dudes touring and performing the music of the Dictators and Wild Kingdom.
In May 2013, the group re-named themselves “The Dictators NYC”.That's where they're at now – that's the banner the single is being released under.
The Dictators NYC – Supply and Demand (Single)Now that that's out of the way – what does the music sound like? Co-written by Ross the Boss and Handsome Dick Manitoba: IT SOUNDS LIKE THE DICTATORS!!!I can't put it any other way...It's about – simply - “Supply and Demand” - the fans wanted to hear the music, these guys are playing the music.That's what's up!! According to Ross the Boss himself, “We've been touring with the new lineup and new agent; doing better, playing to bigger crowds in more countries than ever !We've been touring since '96 but now we're blowing up everywhere!”He continues, “The new era of The Dictators NYC HAD BEEN BORN. NYC added to let the fans know its not the same lineup and respect the old band, but same ideology and a the start of the new era.”
The digital “b-side” is a cover of the MC5 ditty “Kick out the Jams” - recorded live at Slims in San Francisco.
I've been told the boys are working on a full-length of original material – and if this single is any indication it's going to give all these young up-start bands a run for their money.In the immortal words from “Two Tub Man” - “It's feeding time” !!
- Rys

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