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By Blueoctober @blueoctober__

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...just a few snaps of my new flat!Apart from a few hiccups with the hot water and still having no internet, I am loving getting settled in our new place. It certainly is different living with someone, and despite being with Rich for over five years, it has been a big step up moving in together! Yes, there have been a couple of 'agh I need my space' moments, alongside more than a few 'why you so messy' screams, but as we start to settle down and the flat starts to become more liveable these are easing off. The main issue for me had been clothes storage - in the bedroom we have a built in wardrobe, but not really any room for a chest of drawers. This has meant we've been living out of boxes for a little longer than expected which has been frustrating... I don't deal well with no organisation (I'm a teacher... standard)! Cue several trips to IKEA and Argos looking for storage solutions! But overall, the weeks of waiting and faffing around has most definitely been worth it. Although I miss my parents (sometimes), I am loving having proper freedom again and taking that step forward with Rich. Phew!

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