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The Definitive Guide to Running a Succesful Bing PPC Campaign – Part 1

Posted on the 12 November 2015 by Jarvisedwards @jarvis_edwards

Hell no, this isn't my car!

Let me guess…

You fall into one of three categories if you have a website or are even thinking of creating one:

  1. You could use more traffic
  2. You want more traffic
  3. You absolutely need more traffic

Am I spot-on? Good.

Because traffic is a necessity for any and every online or offline business; neither is immune to that rule.

And since SEO is a waiting game, while social media’s ROI can’t necessarily be quantified in dollar signs, the majority of serious marketers are using Pay Per Click (PPC) to brand their business or skyrocket their sales. Or even both.

We’re about to embark on a live journey through the realms of PPC using the vessel known as Bing ads.

And we’re doing it in real-time. Right in front of your very eyes.

If you’re a beginner to Pay Per Click (PPC), and you could benefit from learning how a real campaign is setup and maintained to get the most ROI possible (or lose as little money as possible!)—then fix your eyes on this post.

If you have experience using PPC platforms such as Google Adwords or Facebook, and would like to capture more tips and tricks that may help you when using Bing’s platform, then tune on in!

If you’re an experienced PPC’er and want to watch so you can leave comments on how much of an idiot I am for writing this, or for failing to earn a dime on a campaign that’s live, for the world to mock—or maybe you want to thrash me textually for getting a good ROI and “outing” how we did it, live and on the world stage?

Then follow right along!

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