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The Dating Spreadsheet

By Datecoachtoni @CoachToni

When it was revealed that a New York bachelor had kept copious notes and rated the attractiveness of his dates with the help of a spreadsheet- it was anticipated that women would be fairly critical of him. After all, doesn’t this reduce the women he dated down to objects with characteristics that could be rated on a score of 1-10? Apparently not. In fact, it was one of the women he rated that exposed his methodology to the world after he sent his notes to her. She thought it would give her friends a chuckle, so she sent it to them. Then, like so many things virtual- it went live and was picked up by the media.

Instead of being critical, most women responded with some version of “so what”? After all, we live in a fast paced world, where everything, including relationships, move quickly along. This particular bachelor is in a profwession that requires good efficiency and record keeping- and he used these tools to assist him to keep track of his dating experiences and all the women he was meeting. Maybe it’s not romantic- but it’s a sign of the times and it tells us all something about him.

This is where personality styles play a role in compatibility. A like-minded woman would appreciate how well he ‘handled’ his experience. A hopeless romantic would probably be completely turned off. A strong feminist would most likely interpret this as being reduced to parts and completely overlooked as a whole person. Most women would see him as a bit geeky, maybe awkward- and some would find it endearing.

Different strokes, folks- that’s what it’s all about.

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