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The Dark Mother and the Consequences of Blindness

By Luphil

Sunday evening we entered into the month of Scorpio, a most profound sign. When thinking of how to visualise its energies I reflected on its qualities, and then saw photos of the burning oil platform “Deepwater Horizon” which has sank last year in the Gulf of Mexico – an emblematic signal of Scorpionic qualities. In Spiritual Astrology Master EK says: “Secrecy is the key-note of the sign. Oil mines and hidden treasures are linked up with Scorpio. Wherever there is no possibility for the sunshine to enter and wherever there is constant darkness, there is the influence of Scorpio.”

And then he continued mentioning toxic substances being ruled by Scorpio and said: “Disappearance is the activity of this sign and the house. The disappearance of the light of the soul, through a gradual fall into matter-state is the process that occurs here. Suspension of consciousness, due to the predominance of the material plane on the higher planes is the activity. Death, loss of consciousness, fainting and coma are caused by the influence of this sign.”

The form of the divine Mother related to Scorpio is Kali, and so I searched for representations of Kali which would fit with the picture of the sinking oil platform. There was one drawing which fitted perfectly. So I started working on the picture. I first arranged the details in Photoshop, then printed it on paper and continued with working on details and colours. Afterwards I scanned the picture and worked on further details of the composition. The last step is printing the image on paper and readjusting the colours to increase the intensity to its maximum. It takes several prints until I’m satisfied with the outcome. When I was painting in the 80ies I was always trying to get most intense luminous colours, but it wasn’t possible due to the materials I had. Now, with the digital processing the pictures get a strong radiance.

The painting “Scorpio – The Dark Mother and the Consequences of Blindness” shows extreme contrasts – The fire-fighting vessels in front of the burning oil platform, then, in the fire, the Goddess Kali appearing in the dark circle, holding a caduceus topped by a skull. The destructions only touches the outer form, the inner truth remains. Man, however, trying to get the grip on the consequences of his greed, looses the game he started. Scorpio teaches through deep transformations transiting through death to a higher plane of understanding. May man learn through the self-generated catastrophes to respect nature and to cooperate with it instead of exploiting. You can see the picture also in the gallery “Images of Synthesis” and download a high-resolution version.

The Dark Mother and the Consequences of Blindness

Scorpio – The Dark Mother and the Consequences of Blindness

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