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The Dancing Prisoners

By Shangi @lifefruitbasket
Who would have thought that we would see a group of prisoners in my humble hometown, Cebu, become a hit sensation all over the world? Being a prisoner is definitely something not to be proud of but it's amazing how the human spirit can turn things around and make something funny and creative out of the worst case scenario. In a way, these prisoners are showing their vulnerable side, something that we rarely capture on film since people who go to prison are usually stamped as an undesirable forever.
This really goes to show that it's an innate behavior for Filipinos to want to entertain. It just really runs in our blood, we love hosting joyous occasions and we certainly love a good laugh. Of course, that's just the tip of the iceberg. The inmates do these dance stints as part of a rehabilitation program as well, which I think is an excellent choice. You combine discipline through choreography, exercise through rapid dance movements, and it (hopefully) promotes camaraderie among fellow inmates and the facility's employees.
I believe this was the first video that went viral and it was even featured on a segment on CNN. Check out the muscles on that guy in the pink halter top.

Here's a newer video of them doing a dance number of Gangnam Style. Talk about not letting anyone rain on their parade...they performed flawlessly even in the heavy pouring rain, and everyone knows that this ain't no California drizzle!

If it weren't for the flashy "P" on the back of their shirts, you'd forget that they are actually prisoners!
Yup, this is where I grew up. CEBU... where we have pristine white sand beaches, cheap eats and dancing prisoners! And you wonder why I'm always smiling =)
Toodles! =)

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