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The Daily Roundup for 7-21-16 – Sells for $63,000

Posted on the 22 July 2016 by Worldwide @thedomains

Welcome to the Daily Roundup for July 21, 2016 sales in China

Kassey Lee reported: sold for $60k (400k yuan) in recent auction. YLL may mean 有礼了 (good manner), 月利率 (monthly interest rate), or 又来了 (here we go again). sold for $63k (420k yuan) in recent auction. YGY may mean 鱼肝油 (cod liver oil), 摇滚乐 (rock ‘n roll), or 一个月 (one month).

$25,000 sale on Sedo sold for $25,000. Registered since 2001, showing Sedo in the whois currently.

The Future of Facebook did a very long piece on Facebook. The piece has a lot of info, for domainers invested in VR and AR there is a section worth reading to see how Facebook sees these technologies in the future.


VR is important for a couple of big reasons. The first is that our mission is to give everyone the power to share their experience as best as possible, and to help everyone understand what’s going around the world. Technology allows that to happen at increasing levels of richness. If you go back 10 or 15 years, most of what people shared online and most of what you read was probably text. And now almost everything has photos, and photos are becoming a very primary way that people communicate. And as the networks get better, we’re getting videos, too. Now you can post a video without it taking minutes to upload, you can watch a video without it taking 30 seconds to buffer, [and] it’s starting to be a good experience. So videos are starting to be one of, if not the main, ways that people interact and consume content online.

Domain Stocks Down

After hitting a new 52 week high yesterday, Rightside (NAME) pulled back and closed at $11.78, the stock hit $12.60 on Wednesday. Verisign (VRSN) was off close to 2% at $82.82.

Internet Advertising

Digiday reported, research predicts that by next year, the internet will overtake television to be the dominant advertising medium, at 36 percent compared to TV’s 35 percent.

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