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The Daily Kos Reaction to THE SPEECH (Updated)

Posted on the 03 March 2015 by Mikelumish @IsraelThrives
Michael L.
shakeAgain, Daily Kos is merely one progressive venue among others, but it is more or less representative of the Left in the United States, so how they responded to Netanyahu tells us something about how the Left feels about Israel and, inevitably, about the Jewish people.
First, I want to point out that not everyone was entirely negative, only about 98 percent, or thereabouts.
If we start with Meteor Blades's misleadingly titled, Leader of only nuclear-armed nation in Middle East says bad nuclear deal with Iran will lead to war, we get this rare gem of truthfulness:
As the Prime Minister of Israel and having the (1+ / 0-)
prime responsibility for the security of his people, Netanyahu made a simple, forthright statement in his speech before Congress. His point was that the negotiations under way between Iran and the 5+1 do not point to a nuclear-free Iran. The current negotiations - now going on for over 20 months - have too much slippage that allows Iran to continue its nuclear program. Does Netanyahu have the right to take this position? Of course he does, it is nothing less than his sacred obligation to his people. Most of what is said in contradiction is political toxicity and obscures the point of halting Iran's march toward nuclear weapons.
by Nospinicus on Tue Mar 03, 2015 at 10:37:28 AM PST
That's the point.  All the high-pitched hysteria concerning Netanyahu "obscures the point of halting Iran's march toward nuclear weapons."
(Nowhere, by the way, did Netanyahu say that The Bad Deal will automatically lead to war.  If I missed that, I hope someone will point it out, because, from what I can tell, Timothy Lange, aka "Meteor Blades," an employee of Markos Moulitsas, is misleading his readership.)
In any case, for every Nospinicus we get ten of these:
"bloodthirsty neocon liar" is in the very first comment under Blade's "diary" by dallasdoc, despite the fact that there was nothing the least bit "bloodthirsty" about the speech.  Nothing that he said, from what I can tell, was a lie.  And, what's a "neocon" again?  I haven't heard much of that kind of talk since Wolfowitz left the White House.
TomP says, "He wants war. He would prefer Americans die (71+ / 0-)to protect his dreams of Greater Israel."
With 71 uprates, no less.  What "greater Israel" has to do with the speech is simply beyond comprehension.  By the way, when they use terms like "greater Israel" they are trying to suggest that Israel is far too large and that what Israeli fascists want is to expand the Israeli empire into some sort-of behemoth.  It's pure stupidity on its face.
JoanMar, in classic anti-Semitic style, insists that the United States is nothing but a colony of Israel.
looseleaf called Netanyahu a "warmonger," despite the fact that he mongered no wars in this speech.  And susan in sc claims to be tired of the "warmongering" despite the fact that there was none.  Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees says that Netanyahu has a "warmongering nature."  
MarioDemocrat repeats the false "warmonger" charge.  LiberalCanuck calls Netanyahu a "warmongering liar," although, so far, it remains a mystery just what Netanyahu is said to be lying about.  And Inland, filled with righteous indignation, thinks that Netanyahu called for war, when he did not.
kharma, in apparent agreement with JoanMar, spits "GOP policy: Israel First," despite the fact that virtually every Democrat attended, as well.
Loge, in order to express sort-of generalized hatred, calls Netanyahu a "petty crook."
MKDAWUSS, apparently not having listened to the speech, wonders aloud if the invasion of Iran has started, yet.
We Shall Overcome calls Netanyahu a "rapist" who is "blaming the victim.
polecat suggests that Netanyahu is a "douchebag, Cheney-wannabe."
Stuart Heady thoughtfully suggests that Netanyahu is "dangerously nuts."
And willard landreth, meanwhile, hopes that Arabs will continue to seek to murder Jews or, as he puts it, he hopes that "the Palestinians will continue their good fight."


Meteor Blades thinks that Israel is opposed to any deal and, therefore, apparently, thinks that the Jewish minority in the Middle East likes never-ending war upon themselves.

rwgate thinks that "Israel wants the US to fight it's wars" and "to die in it's place."   Gee, that's essentially what the Nazis thought about Jews, what a coincidence.
Aluminati thinks that Netanyahu wants to expel all Muslims from Israel.
mjd in florida is "sick and tired of watching Netanyahu commit genocide against his next door neighbors."
frostbite says that "Bibi is a liar and a warmonger with nukes"
The Dead Man thinks that "Bibi is throwing a war party in our Congressional Building."
denig thinks that "Bibi wants the destruction of Iran."
Texas Twister thinks that Netanyahu is a "major war criminal" apparently because Hamas has every right to bomb the Holy Crap out of southern Israel.
 sg13565 claims that "Netanyahu is a right wing war monger"
DiesIrae sticks his or her tongue out of her mouth and calls Netanyahu a "jerk." 

cryonaut will probably be screamed at as an anti-Semite for mocking these people.  He is apparently among the two percent:
fucking jews can never get along with anyone. If only there was something that can be done about them.
This was probably mockery and snark.
Obscenely anti-semitic comment. n/t (4+ / 0-)
Don't tell me what you believe, show me what you do and I will tell you what you believe.
by Meteor Blades on Tue Mar 03, 2015 at 12:09:27 PM PST 
Is Blades this stupid or is he being ingenuous?  I always assumed that he was misguided, but sincere.
This leads me to wonder if he is not actually malicious.  I could be wrong, but I very much doubt that cryonaut was sincere.  I feel reasonably certain he was mocking them, because the entire thread ultimately comes down to:
fucking jews can never get along with anyone.
Aware63 calls the Prime Minister of Israel, in an exceedingly liberal manner, a "Bloodthirsty War-Pig."
ginnyv calls Netanyahu a "schmuck."

Fishtroller01 actually threatens that "If Israel doesn't take him out of the driver's seat they will only have themselves to blame for what comes to them internationally.  And I hope the US government has the wisdom to stay out of whatever that penalty will be..."

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