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The Cupcake Mafia Welcomes You!

By Ninamorena @NinaMorenaXO
Since blogging launched in 1999, bloggers have reshaped the web, impacted politics, shaken up journalism, and enabled millions of people to have a voice and connect with others. Cupcake Mafia T’s is also embarking on a similar takeover of the fashion industry. Cupcake Mafia is more than a group, organization, or society; we are a fashion cult that is interested in taking the world by storm!
Wear Words That Speak!
Cupcake Mafia was started by three amazing ladies: Muffy, Skittlez and Bola, each woman originating from different geographic backgrounds but sharing the same passion for fashion. The founders' purpose was to come together to make the ultimate t-shirt fashion line and ignite an intense movement of uniqueness and originality! The t-shirts represent the everyday Cupcakes (our nickname for females) looking to make their mark in a uniform world by dynamic and expressive visual self-expression. Being a part of the Cupcake Mafia family is much more than a trend; you are establishing a brand and promoting a lifestyle! Cupcakes live for the words they wear because they are just as powerful the words they speak!
Giving to a "Sweet" Cause
As a new fashion line we have also set the standard of philanthropy. The Save the Cupcake Foundation is dedicated to the research, cure, and education of Breast Cancer awareness for women. 20% of the proceeds go to our Susan G. Coleman Breast Cancer Foundation and other cancer-related causes and foundations. Our dedication for the cause is due in part, to the loss of the one of the Founders of her grandmother to Breast Cancer. This loss greatly affected her and was her call duty. As a result she has combined her two loves of fashion and family to keep her grandmother’s memory alive.
Today we would like to extend you the opportunity to join our movement.  As a part of our Cupcake Mafia family, we will provide various opportunities for you to continue to grow and foster your career as a Blogger. As our Cupcakes make their mark through the streets of New York, coffee shops worldwide and fashion arenas throughout the U.S. will you be there taking the long journey of success with them?
If you are interested in finding out more about Cupcake Mafia please email us at [email protected]
Frequently Used Cupcake Mafia Terminology:
Muffin: Ex-boyfriend or someone you used to like or be interested in
Cupcake: a sweet chic, or any female that has amazing goals and dreams
Baker's Man: a guy that supports the movement, or has your back no matter what
For Sweet Sake: when you see something that makes your jaw drop
Buns: girls that are not cupcakes, that continue to hate on what you are doing or your success
(A Bun can also be a girl that is not attractive, has a bad attitude, or just not to your liking)
Icing: icing stands for many things (Ex: money, cars, bling, material things) 
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