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The Culling Fields

By Expatmum @tonihargis
A cousin of mine cooks a different meal for her family every day. That's every single day. Not "no-more-than-once-a-month", but every day. When I voiced my utter disbelief at this, she admitted that it was partly out of boredom but personally, there'd have to be a few toilets left to clean before I resorted to her approach.
Like many women, I have a slew of recipe books and magazines, most of which languish elegantly in my kitchen. A few years ago I threw down the gauntlet and vowed to try a new recipe every week. (Here, if you don't believe me, and no- it didn't last.) From time to time I'm known to cut out or copy a recipe and place it in my personal meals-that-will-never-be-made folder.
At the moment however, I'm in a culling mood. Clothes that beg the question "What were you thinking?" are piling up in the 'goodwill' bag, and neglected toys have all been given a 6 month suspended sentence. The recipe books and mags are the next for inspection and I have resolved that if, in the next month, I haven't forced myself to make at least 5 meals out of "Jamie at Home" and at least another 5 from my Delia and Nigella library, they're all being donated to the school's used-book sale. The books, that is, not the individuals themselves although I'm sure the school would be delighted to meet every one of them.
Join me in the cull - You know you want to!

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