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The Creeps - Blue Tomato

Posted on the 22 January 2022 by Ripplemusic
The Creeps - Blue Tomato

Formed in southern Sweden in the early 80's playing punk more than anything but their approach gradually shifted. As the first 2 albums were released, 'Enjoy The Creeps' (86) and 'Now Dig This' (88) The Creeps had moved into a sphere of 60s and early 70s English pop and soul. By the time 'Blue Tomato' arrived in 1990 the guys had refined the sound further with great aplomb. The pop/soul was still there but sharp guitar riffs, eloquent heavy use of the Hammond B3 as well as really good hook-laden and groovy song writing had vastly improved them. Not necessarily "my style" back then but 'Blue Tomato' pulled out the rug from under me and opened up a whole new world of music for yours truly.

First and foremost, what The Creeps brings me is joy and a huge sense of happiness. Playing their music is such a tension reliever and always gets me back on track. That combined with great songs and you can't really ask for more. Whys see a doctor when the best remedy is to play 'Blue Tomato'? After the brief and obviously-titled opener 'Intro' 11"proper"songs are on offer and each composition are really good and they all make this album what it is. However, as with just about all recordings, some songs resonate more and hits home wonderfully. For me it all starts with 'Right Back On Track' which has a simple rock foundation but the fat bass sound coupled with the tight and groovy yet sparse drums leads the way with the Hammond B3 and guitar perfectly. The way the guys launches into a groove and dance-filled music machine that never ends is so liberating. And that is a constant throughout 'Blue Tomato'.

My other favourites follow along the same lines although with distinct individualities. 'Won't Be Losing You' has nice pop rock feel in the verses only to get low down and dirty in the verses. 'Oh-I Like It' starts off like a rocker before turning into a funky groove monster only to turn to big choruses with a horn section and backup singers to great apblomb. 'Get A Little Lovin' is probably my favourite song by The Creeps. They packed this song full of razor sharp riffs, a chest crushing Hammond and a lead-heavy rhythm section playing dirty blues only for the chorus to bring in catchiness and pop groove. But those verses, man, they are killer! 'SMASH!' is great song as well, heavy on the Hammond, groove and danceable tones, oh and listen to the bass guitar. The lyrics are kind of corny, in lack of better words, since it was the theme song to a Swedish comedy show called SMASH!....and it was about Swedish tennis players. The ending to this song is intense and amazing! 'I'd Better Start Running' reminds me in a way of 'Won't Be Losing You' in approach but with the Hammond leading the way setting the band on course for greatness.

The Creeps, who consisted of Robert Jelinek, vocals and guitar, Hans Ingemansson, Hammond B3 and piano, Anders Johansson, bass guitar and Patrick Olsson, drums, found the perfect formula with their music. Obviously the drums and the bass guitar held everything together but Anders never played standard bass cords, instead he sets off down funky, groovy and rock'n'roll avenues letting Patrick bang the skins and directing the band. At the same time Robert and Hans let it all hang out riffing and pulling off solos on the guitar and Hammond respectively all while belching out such great music. And this was going on to the sounds of really, really good songs. The compositions grabs you immediately, makes you dance, rock out hard and make you smile and feel good all at the same time. Excellent album by an excellent band...check them out, waveriders!


''I'd Better Start Running'.

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