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The Cost of Christmas- a Third Are Spending Less This Year

Posted on the 20 December 2012 by 72point @72hub

Brit’s have officially kept their Christmas spending conservative this year- with the big day just creeping it’s way around the corner, research has revealed that a third of Brits are spending less this festive season, with the rest sticking to the same budget as last year.

In fact, a third of frugal Brits will be cutting back on nights out (or even the Christmas party) this year to save money, with a similar amount cutting out the fancy wrapping paper.

Not a problem, as just under a quarter are also cutting back on Christmas presents to colleagues because they’re tightening the purse strings.

The research, presented in an infographic by The Co-operative, also points out just how lucky mums are when it comes to gifts- average spend on the fairer sex is at least £10 greater that it is on dad.

In fact, In the North-East and the East Midlands, mums can collect a presents that’s worth a whopping £20 more than dads.

Those in the east are prone to spending the least this Christmas, sitting at a measly £291 spend compared to the North-East’s £499 extravaganza.

With the spend down, only 33% are having to rely on credit cards for their Christmas spend, down 1% from last year- as massive 77% added that they won’t get into debt post-Christmas, refusing to fall back on savings or an overdraft.

The Cost of Christmas- a third are spending less this year


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