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the CORPORATE WAR MACHINE is Too Big to Fail

Posted on the 15 September 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
We're told, on an almost daily basis, that certain financial institutions, certain privately-owned banks, are TOO BIG TO FAIL.
Hence the puke-making term 'bailout'. The great big global con masquerading as the cynical marketing phrase "GROWTH" and it's ironic twin "PROFIT" in the name of war as a corporate consolidation device.
When are you people going to get angry?
When are you people going to say enough is enough?
When are you people going to assert your right to this Free Planet?
I don't mean standing in peaceful demonstration of discontent like a static target in the streets while the Private Military Contractors (from yours or a neighbouring country) pop you off one by one like so many zombies.

So many of you don't understand the real infiltration of the CORPORATE WAR MACHINE into the commercio-political arena; it's the reason your goods are so cheap, it's the reason the rain-forests are being annihilated, it's the reason your cars are still running on petrol, it's the reason why your fuel and food bills will be ASTRONOMICAL this winter.
It's the reason we have a(n unelected) coalition in this country.
This is a public message to You The People, "Forget your freedoms, you've got a tyrannical Empire to fund. Mankind, it's time to follow all the other eye-swirling sheeple to the grave, let your girl and your wife go to the torture chamber just like everyone else's, in the name of PROFIT."
Dear You The People,
you are the real driving force on this planet. You really need to pull their seven billion heads out of their collective ass, listen to reason and protect the limited resource of your homeworld, your abode, from the insane ravages of COMMERCIALISM.
You can have your gods and your beliefs and your tribal ideals LATER; now, the most important thing is to take back what is rightly yours - a Free Planet.

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