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The Consultant by Liam Muir

By Richard Randall @aude11360

I won the book The Consultant by Liam Muir via a giveaway on the Goodreads website.
Grrrrr. This novel is set in England and Scotland but it is written in ‘American English’ it is very annoying for a native Englishman reading it in England. Having ‘Police cruisers’ ‘Sidewalks’ ‘Back-Up lights’ etc. in England and Scotland is just plainly wrong.
I’m a big fan of this genre of novels but sadly not a big fan of The Consultant by Liam Muir. Americanisms aside I felt the story was lacking in depth and pace. I only managed to get half way through it, before calling it a day. This is Liam Muir’s first novel, so a lot can be forgiven and I hope his future output is of a much higher standard.



Blog post by Richard Randall
Total prize value to date: £917 (from 1st September 2013).

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