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The Consolidators – Prince Mathews Thomas

By Dr.jenifer Sayyed @SayyedJenifer

Author – Prince Mathews Thomas

Genre- Business & Economics

Publisher- Penguin

Page count- 260

Price – Rs 399/-

Published in – 2017

Synopsis –  The Consolidators takes us through the stories of seven super successful second generation entrepreneurs who showed imagination, gumption and foresight in turning around the companies they inherited from their fathers. Inspiring and revealing, these stories will propel you to dream big and show how you can take your business to the next level.

My Review –

We always think that coming from an established business family is always easy for the second generation – It’s like born with a silver spoon. But we forget, with this comes more responsibilities as they not only have to maintain the silver but also need to work hard to prove them and turn it into gold.
This book is about second generation entrepreneurs which are something new as no one really talks about them, those who take their family businesses to newer and greater heights.
The author has beautifully crafted the stories of seven super successful second generation entrepreneurs and a well researched, articulately written and an organized book.
For each entrepreneur, the author has touched upon the aspects of leadership and management, about their personal challenges and how they started small to make their businesses big.

The Consolidators – Prince Mathews Thomas
The chapter on SIS (Security Service Provider) Group’s MD Rituraj Sinha illustrates about his intellectual, how a young businessman can manage and integrate new things with old generation army staffs with harmony which was appointed by his father. He successfully aligned new age ideas and conquer with companies decade old methods. When he had joined the family business, the company had revenue of Rs 23 crore. Today it’s Rs 5,000 crore. We learn from them that how one can maintain good work relationships with staff of double of your age and also how can you take your business to next level with proper focus and determination.

Each chapter ends with “My Learning’s“ section, a short brief which depicts the important lessons of each seven entrepreneurs. This succinct will always be helpful for the readers, as after reading once this book, one can just go through this section and get inspired instead of reading the book again.

Overall, it’s an interesting, inspirational and motivational book in a very simple yet gripping concept. I got to learn a lot and each seven entrepreneur’s stories will always inspire me. A valuable read for any entrepreneur, leader, or an individual who are looking to make their dreams come true in larger scale.

Happy Reading !

* I received this review copy from Neev Communications in exchange for an honest review.

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