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The Confinements of Conceptualization

By Luphil

A friend sent yesterday the following story:

Once a disciple went to his teacher for a consultation. The teacher warned him – ‘I just answer three questions, my friend. So think carefully before you ask them.’

After a moment of reflection, the disciple asked: ‘What is the deeper truth?’

The teacher said: ‘A tree in the garden.’

Then the disciple asked: ‘What is enlightenment?’

The master replied: ‘A tree in the garden.’

Shocked the disciple asked: ‘What is wisdom?’

The teacher replied: ‘A tree in the garden.’

Wisdom can be everything, yet is invisible to the mere conceptualization of our brain. Teachers avoid getting caught by the questions of their disciples, because if they respond in a conceptual way they won’t achieve that the disciples abandon the confinement in their little minds.

The Confinements of Conceptualization

The reflection of the sun confined to a small puddle

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