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The Compelling Urge for Spanish Professionals to Learn German

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“There are easier languages for Spanish speakers to learn, but German language academies are experiencing a surge in student enrolments as more young Spanish professionals see a future for themselves in Germany.”

People are compelled to learn German language at language schools for certain reasons. Some might be personal; others might see it beneficial; but the most common reasons especially when we heed on its practical side is that because greener pastures are searchable in it.

Just like the news by DW World. Like the title that you just read, young Spanish professionals are actually learning German because they are constrained for a need— need, which you and I are familiar at.

Who could blame such people for grabbing the need? Germany was “looking for high-level skilled people” who have backgrounds in engineering, architecture, and medicine. These same people, who attempted to get such opportunity, took language courses at Goethe-Institut.

Besides, the current assessment among employment between Spain and Germany were honestly in different range. According to the news, Germany’s relatively robust economy, with 7-percent unemployment, contrasts sharply with the situation in Spain, which, at 21 percent, has the highest jobless rate in the European Union.

No wonder Spanish people are getting all the opportunities they could get just to have a job. Besides, this is a great opportunity for Spanish people to cross over their boundaries and go abroad right? This is the best time of their lives to learn German language!

The best part of this rising need is that Goethe-Institut sees such necessity. “The institute will provide courses that teach students how to write resumes and cover letters and handle job interviews in German. It also plans additional courses aimed at students in fields such as engineering and architecture,” according to the news.

This is honestly good news for those who want employment opportunities in Germany. Are you a Spanish professional who is also interested to have a job in Germany as well? Grab the chance to learn their language by enrolling to a language school perhaps. Don’t miss this time when you feel like you have a “go signal” to avail such occupational prospect!

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By SimplyStephanieBlog
posted on 16 August at 00:23
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This is interesting as in America, we are urged to take Spanish. I took German, and everyone said it was a waste. Perhaps not!