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The Climate Fact No One Wants to Admit: 2 °C Warming is Inevitable

By Garry Rogers @Garry_Rogers

The climate fact no one wants to admit:  2 °C warming is inevitable

The figures in a new UN report show that limiting global warming to 2 °C is now nigh on impossible (read more at

GR:  All the reports and speculations indicate that global warming of 2 degrees C is inevitable. An analysis of our fossil-fuel using infrastructure ( indicates that we must stop building houses, cars, and machines in three years (yes, three years) or the investments we’ve made will pull on us past two degrees. Moreover, as I think about the effectiveness of all those voluntary national pledges there is a sinking feeling that 3 degrees C (not 2 degrees) is the lowest we might see. If our climate scientists are right, the thousand-year storms are lining up now, and will not stop even when our carbon infrastructure is blown or washed out to sea.

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