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The Christmas Tapes (2022) Movie Review

By Newguy

The Christmas Tapes – Movie Review

Christmas TapesChristmas Tapes

Director: Robert Livings, Randy Nundlall Jr

Writer: Robert Livings, Randy Nundlall Jr (Screenplay)


  • Dave Sheridan (Scary Movie)
  • Vernon Wells (Mad Max 2)
  • Greg Sestero (The Disaster Artist)
  • Joshua Rose
  • Jason Kuykendall

Plot: In this Christmas-Horror Anthology, a family’s movie night on Christmas Eve is interrupted by a stranger, insistent on making the next Christmas ‘classic’ film himself.

Runtime: 1 Hour 40 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Christmas Tapes starts when Geoff (Sestero) seeks refuge after his car breaks down. He gets invited into a family home, where he turns on them, claiming he wants to make his own Christmas movie. Forcing the family to watch a series of horror-related tales.

First up, we meet paranormal investigating travellers that look into the stories behind myths and legends. They don’t have a big following but love what they do. This sees them getting more than they bargained for on their latest adventure.

The second story sees Santa and Mrs Claus arranging a surprise for a businessman. With the plan to surprise his family but he doesn’t know what Santa really has planned for him.

As the night unfolds, Geoff continues to put the family through a series of horrific home videos. Hoping that one day he can make his own to add to the collection.

Verdict on The Christmas Tapes

The Christmas Tapes is a horror anthology based on twisted Christmas tales. It puts a family through the torture of watching them, being unsure of what the stranger wants from them. This puts them through the range of different tales and like most anthologies. There are good ones and bad ones.

Certain stories feel like we could have had a lot more from. This is seen mostly in the Gift one, which has a twisted side to it. when it comes to the different stories, they tend to use something different within the horror sub-genres. Giving the audience a taste of different styles of horror.

Everything works smoothly enough for horror anthology. It gives us a nice range and some solid scares throughout.

Final Thoughts The Christmas Tapes is a solid Christmas horror anthology collection.

The Christmas Tapes (2022) Movie Review
The Christmas Tapes (2022) Movie Review

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