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The Cemagi Residence

By Ninstravelog @ninstravelog

I wrote about visiting Bali and what to see last year, but I didnt write anything about my visit to Bali itself last year. The truth is, when visiting a new exciting place with young kids under 3, it is better to enjoy the hotel facilities and have fun there.  Yes, we can go out for lunch but not very often. Holiday style will not be very active, but its a good idea to stay in a place that offers plenty of activities for the kids.

We decided to stay in Cemagi Residence, an independent villa near the sea, but away from the razzmatazz of nightlife of Kuta or Seminyak (the in-place for party animal tourists)

Location of this place is around 45 minutes from Seminyak, or on a busy road, it could take 2 hours from the airport.  A bit isolated and was difficult for us to get daily supplies; we needed a car to get all the provisions, however, as this was a proper villa to rent, the very nice staff offered us the facilities to buy our daily needs from the local shop every morning.

When we reached the place for the first time, we felt that it was very far and long way into the ‘interior’ of Bali, which in reality is not true. The problem was to go there was through a bit of rice field and a number of small villages.

The main entrance gate was small, just as wide as a car width, less than 2.4 meters, and after a longish drive in seemed even smaller, the front porch as well as the entrance to the house was not that impressive. I was a bit disappointed when I saw the entrance, what could it be once we are there, it might be an overpriced accommodation….


An uninteresting hall way lead us to this garden, with direct view to the sea

But once we were passed the foyer, straight away we looked at big garden, the swimming pool, the sunken sitting area and the view overlooking to the sea…. It really blew our minds, the place was simply amazing, brilliant. Just right for us to unwind for a week and we didn’t need the noisy Kuta or Seminyak to enjoy our stay in Bali.

Cemagi Residence consisted of 3  double bedrooms, a media room, swimming pool that one can swim laps as well as enjoy the infinity edge that reached out to the sea.

The Cemagi Residence
Ground floor bedroom with own bathroom that has few direct toward the garden
The Cemagi Residence
The upstairs bedroom with all glass wall to enjoy the scenery outside
The Cemagi Residence
Extra toilet for those who’s swim and sun bathing

Dining room and a sunken relaxing area is also part of the facilities of the villa.

Lap pool with breathtaking view

Lap pool with breathtaking view towards the sea

Dining room that seats 10 people

Dining room that seats 10 people

What I liked most was that it still had a good expanse of grass that we could play Frisbee or even mini football with our grand children.

the grass to play Frisbee on.

the grass area to play Frisbee on.

 In addition to that it had an extra gazebo at the end of the property that overlooked the Mengening beach, where we could sit all afternoon quietly waiting for the sunset to fall without having to go to any razzmatazz public beach like in Kuta or Seminyak or Ku-deta or other similar places.

Gazebo at the edge of the property

Gazebo at the edge of the property

Sunset at Mengening Beach

The view from the Gazebo of Cemagi Residence: Sunset at Mengening Beach

For further information:

Cemagi Residence

Jalan Pantai Mengening Cemagi,

Desa Cemagi -Mengwi-Canggu,

Reservations: [email protected]

25.269420 51.518884

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