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The Captain's Paradise

Posted on the 14 October 2011 by Kaiser31083 @andythemovieguy
The Captain's ParadiseA British captain has found the secret to happiness. Commanding a cruise boat between Gibraltar and Morocco, he keeps a woman in both ports, one a sexy siren, the other a domesticated housewife, both of whom completely fulfill his needs. However, his well kept secret is threatened to be exposed and, even more to his dismay, each woman begins to develop the traits of her complement. "The Captain's Paradise" is an ingeniously clever film from Britain's Ealing Studios and contains another extraordinary performance from Alec Guinness, who was once referred to as the actor's actor's actor. Both women, Yvonne DeCarlo as the seductress and Celia Johnson as the homemaker, and they are given a chance to play both roles, they in turn give Guinness a chance to turn in two wildly different performances as well. Consider two great scenes: DeCarlo accidentally receives an apron intended for Johnson instead of a swimsuit, and absolutely loves it. In a fit of manic improvisation, Guinness speaks in Spanish of what becoming cook can do to your figure. Then in the adverse scene, Johnson opens the wrapped bikini, of course embracing it, much to Guinness's dismay. "The Captain's Paradise" is a pretty racy and raucously ingenious film which provides the perfect platform for Alec Guinness to display his considerable talents.

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