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The Cannabis Kid – Three Year-old Shows off Daddy’s Weed

Posted on the 25 April 2012 by Minimumcover @minimumcover

I am not going to get into the debate about whether cannabis presents a significant risk of harm, whether it draws people on to take stronger and stronger drugs to satisfy their need for a high, or whether it should be legalised, de-criminalised or re-classified yet again. Feel free to speak up in the comments if you have a point to make on these issues…

I don’t think I am alone when I say that I believe one of the biggest problems with cannabis is that it has become such an intrinsic part of many people’s daily lives that they see it as a ‘normal’ thing to have in the house. These ‘people’ think nothing of leaving it lying on the side in the kitchen next to their tobacco and lighter and put no more significance on sparking up a joint than putting a match to a Marlboro Light. While I accept that this abuse does not present the same risks as having Class A drugs or uncapped sharps strewn around the house, it still presents a significant risk if there are children living amongst the dangers.

Today in Salford Manchester, reception year teachers at a primary school got the surprise of their lives when a bag of cannabis fell from the pocket of a three year-old child at the nursery which operates within the grounds of the school. When asked about the drugs the child innocently produced two more bags before telling the teachers that: ‘It’s my dad’s for his cigs for smoking.’

The Cannabis Kid – Three year-old shows off daddy’s weed

The thoughtless owner of the cannabis, which is reported to have had a street value of £20, was subsequently arrested and put before Manchester Magistrates Court. He pleaded guilty to possession of the drugs and will face sentence next month. When arrested he initially stated that he had left the bag on his bedside table when he rushed out to work. He later changed this account and said, during the hearing, that the drugs had been in a box and that his step-son must have taken them from there, and then into the school.

If indeed this account is true, then his actions are still inexcusable. If he had to have a stash of drugs in his house it should have kept been well out of the reach of little hands. This situation is only moderately less disgraceful that where people deliberately use children to carry or conceal drugs in the hope that Police will leave the kids alone.

I have been involved with several searches, and I am sure there are many out there who will have experienced the same scenario, where bags of cannabis, cocaine, heroin and in one instance a firearm were concealed in children’s beds, cots or clothing in the hope that they will not be discovered by Police. Unfortunately, in those instances, no account of these aggravating factors was taken by the court when it decided on the sentence to be handed down.

I would like to think that this will not always be the case and that our man in Manchester will receive a more significant penalty for his offense than would be given for a straight forward possession. I am tempted to pop into the public gallery at Minshull Street Crown Court on May 21 to find out.

Perhaps, on the other hand, it might be better if I wait and see if someone lets me know. I anticipate the result might make me annoyed….

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